How to use stage manager on macOS 13 and macOS 14

If you are wondering about how to use stage manager on macOS 13 and macOS 14 then here are the steps to follow to enable it easily.

In our previous post, we checked about the detailed process on enabling stage manager on iPadOS. With the WWDC around the corner, we can expect some changes to the stage manager on macOS as well. If you have not used stage manager on Mac before, it is a feature added to Mac since macOS 13 which helps in better multitasking.

How to use stage manager on macOS 13 and macOS 14

What are the users of Stage manager on macOS?

Stage manager is an intuitive way to use macOS. It provides feature like easy multitasking and app switching. This comes as an additional setting on Mac, which you can enable in two ways. We will discuss the same below.

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With the use of stage manager, we can see a thumbnail view of apps running in the background. These thumbnails update in real time, which makes it easier to keep track of any application which is minimized. As the app thumbnail is always visible, switching between apps is an easy process with stage manager.

How to use stage manager on macOS 13 and macOS 14

As mentioned earlier, there are two ways with which you can enable the stage manager. One is a simple process and another one needs a few steps to be followed.

  • Turn on your Mac computer (MacBook or PC).
  • Click on settings app from the dock.
macos settings
  • In the setting page side panel, find “Desktop & Dock” option.
  • Click on it, and you will be shown with all settings of Dock and Desktop.
  • Find the “Stage Manager” setting and the switch at the right.
Stage manager options
  • Turn the switch ON and the stage manager will be enabled on your macOS.

There are other settings that you can change on the stage manager on Mac. To do it, click on the “Customise” button on the right.

stage manager setting on macos
  • In this page you can disable showing recent applications in the side and also hide desktop items.

Here is another way to enable stage manager on macOS easily, follow these steps

  • Unlock your Mac.
  • Click on the control center button on the task bar at the top right.
enable stage manager from control center
  • Click on the “Stage Manager” button near to the screen mirroring.
  • This will enable stage manager on macOS 13 and macOS 14.

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