How to use Voice Message transcript feature in WhatsApp

Here is how to use Voice Message transcript feature in WhatsApp so that you can convert all the voice message to text and also search for a content in the message.

WhatsApp nowadays is launching a lot of features for beta testers, including the Chat lock, disappearing messages and so on, here is another feature called voice message transcript. This feature is launched to iOS users for now, which has created a huge buzz in Android community.

How to use Voice Message transcript feature in WhatsApp

What is voice message transcript feature?

This feature makes it easy to convert the voice message that you share in WhatsApp to text. With this feature, user does not need to listen to the voice, instead he can read the message as text. This could have an impact on privacy as well. As others may not be able to listen to the voice message.

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At present, this feature is available in the beta build version number in TestFlight according to Wabetainfo. Slowly, this feature is expected to be launched to other beta testers and Android. To know if this feature is enabled in your WhatsApp, there is a bubble symbol that appears below the voice message that you received.

Voice transcript WhatsApp
Source: Wabetainfo

WhatsApp mentioned as this feature will be end-to-end encrypted as the transcription happens locally in the user’s phones. One thing to notice here is that this feature will be using the language packs that are available in iOS 16, so older version of iOS won’t support it.

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How to use Voice Message transcript feature in WhatsApp?

If you are a beta tester and have downloaded the latest beta version of WhatsApp from TestFlight, then this feature will be available for you by default. Once you receive a voice message after the update, a bubble will start appearing below the voice message, which when you long press opens a menu.

In that menu, click on the “Transcript language” button and the voice message will appear as a text message.

How to disable Voice message transcript feature in WhatsApp?

If you need that this feature is not needed, you can disable it anytime by following the steps below.

Go to WhatsApp Settings > Chats > find Voice Message Transcript option and turn it off.

Users can search for specific detail in a voice message using voice transcript feature

The voice transcription feature adds another functionality to WhatsApp now. Since all the voice messages are stored locally as text, users can do a search in WhatsApp to find a specific word or detail. This was very hard earlier because you may need to play each and every voice message to find the specific detail that you are searching for.

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This feature makes it easy if you have many voice messages and find a specific message. To do this, follow the steps below.

Since all the transcripts are stored as text, just a normal search for a word in the voice message will do it.

  • Go to the chat to do the search.
  • Click on the profile section.
  • Here click on search button.
  • Enter that specific word.

You will see the result. This makes the process very easy and convenient.

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