How to increase screen resolution in iPad with iPad OS 16

In the latest WWDC 2023 event apple had brought many changes to their operating system starting from iOS, Watch OS and iPad OS. Some new features were introduced in MAC OS as well. When it comes to iPad OS there was an expectation on Apple providing us with Desktop class apps on iPad instead they provided with some features that could make your iPad more productive. Earlier we were not able to adjust the screen resolution on iPads but with the latest iPad OS 16 update we will be able to change the screen resolution. Here is how to increase screen resolution in iPad with iPad OS 16.

Before moving on to the process we need to make sure that the latest version os iPad OS is installed. Once its done lets move on to changing the screen resolution in iPad Pro and iPad.

Increasing Screen Resolution in iPad

Earlier versions of the iPad had a normal view and a zoomed view. With the latest update, we get an additional option in the display settings of the iPad Pro.

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Steps to increase screen resolution

  • Unlock your iPad Pro and go to Home Screen.
  • Click on the Setting button and go to the settings app.
How to increase screen resolution in iPad with iPad OS 16

Once you are in settings page you will be able to see all the options of the iPad

  • Scroll down and find Display and brightness setting.
Display and brightness on iPad OS 16

After you are in the display and brightness page you will find many options related to the iPad display.

  • If you are in the latest version of iPad OS 16 then you will be able to see some new options like Display zoon and Reference mode.
  • Here Click on the display Zoom option.
Screen resolution options on iPad OS 16
  • A new popover will appear which will show various display options and zoom levels.
  • Select the appropriate level.
  • If you need more space in your canvas, select the more space option.
  • After you select the needed option, the “Set” button shown at the top right will get enabled.
Set resolution
  • Click on Set button and you will be asked for the iPad to restart.
  • Click on restart and once the iPad restarts, you will see a difference in the canvas according to the choice you have made.

If you need a large canvas with higher resolution and space then select the more space option. Using this way you can increase screen resolution in iPad with iPad OS 16.

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