iOS 16 with iPadOS 16 and MacOS Ventura update

Apple WWDC 2023 has started and its started with the launch of new versions of iOS, iPadOS and MacOS. MacOS update this time is named as MacOS Monterey. These versions of new OS come with a slew of changes that will be exciting for people who like iPhones, iPad and Mac devices. Let’s take a closer look at iOS 16 with iPadOS 16 and MacOS Ventura update: WWDC 2023.

Each year we see a new version of all the operating systems for iPhones, Mac and iPad’s. This time also Apple has tried to make some drastic changes to their operating systems. The most expected update came for the iPhone as iOS15. Latest update bring some changes to core areas like security and privacy in the operating system. Let’s discuss about some major changes in the various version os OS that Apple had announced in this WWDC 2023 .

iOS 16 with iPadOS 16 and MacOS Ventura update

iOS 16 with iPadOS 16 and MacOS Ventura update : WWDC 2023

Live Text iOS and iPad OS 16

The major change that came to iOS 15 and iPadOS is with the live text feature. This feature has been in Android for some time but now in iOS you can capture a text from any images or photos and use it in any place.

Weather App in iOS 16, iPad OS 16 and Mac OS Monterey

Another major update was related to the weather app. The wether app is now more streamlined and also have new animations that look cool.

Widgets: iOS 16, iPad OS 16

We have set of new widgets in iOS and iPad OS that will be launched with iOS 15. Other change comes in the notification centre. The notifications are now arranged based on priority and also based on your usage of apps. The priority notifications are shown up and the lower priority notifications are pushed down.

Apple Maps: iOS 16, iPad OS 16 and Mac OS Ventura

iOS 15 with iPadOS 15 and MacOS Monterey update

Apple has implemented some major changes with Apple Maps. The maps are now more lively and have more 3D approach.You can see 3D images of buildings and flyovers in your way. Also Road crossing and Bike Lanes are represented better in this version of iOS 15. As the Maps are common to all version of OS in iPhone, Mac and iPad, the maps app will be updated with all versions.

Focus Mode: iOS 16, iPad OS 16 and Mac OS Ventura

iOS 15 with iPadOS 15 and MacOS Monterey update

When it comes to iPhone usage in various scenarios, Apple has added a mode selection based on your daily routine. With the added Focus mode you can focus on your work with only the important notifications passing though the iPhone. You can have modes based on your daily routine and they type of notifications that you need at the particular time of the day.

Facetime: iOS 16, iPad OS 16 and Mac OS Ventura

iOS 15 with iPadOS 15 and MacOS Monterey update

Another major change that came is related to Facetime. Apple introduced Shareplay which is a new concept where you can do Facetime with your family and friends while you are watching any content on your iPhone like in Apple TV+, here the advantage is that you can share your content to your family members or friends who are presently on the call. The same can be done while listening to music and also share your screen.

Now you can share your Facetime links to your friends and family so that they can join the call with the shared link. Also new grid view implemented in Facetime helps in knowing who is taking with an animated view.

Apple has introduced new modes to Facetime for better voice. Modes like Standard, Voice Isolation and Wide spectrum makes to share your voice according the amount of ambient sound around you. When you select Voice Isolation, you will only hear the person who is talking and all the disturbances will be removed.

When you want to hear all the voice around you the Wide Spectrum mode which captures all the needed sound around you.

safari update

Airpods Update

We know that since the launch of Airpods Pro, our music listening has been more lively. The major feature of Airpods pro was the spacial audio, With the latest update to iOS, iPadOS and MacOS we have the new spacial audio feature coming to Mac OS as well.

With the latest tvOS launch Apple has added the spacial audio feature to the TV operating system which enable in watching movies in full theatre effect in the comfort of home.

New Photos App in iOS, iPad OS and Mac OS Monterey

When it comes to photos, Apple photos is the most organised way to store your photos and videos. This time around in iOS 15 Apple has introduces a way to keep your photo better organised. Based on the occasions that you have your photos, they are organised and the Photos app creates short movies with memories and a background music making your memories more lively.

Its a great update that comes to all the devices in Apple ecosystem. You can see the same set of photos shared though Apple photos app in Mac, iPad, iPhone and Watch.

Apple Health App

Apple health tracking is considered one of the best world wide. With the paired apple watch your doctors can get an exact idea on how your health is and also take some measures according. With the latest update Apple has introduced a much organised way of tracking your health and keeping you posted.

With the risk of falling and tracking you based on the trends of your heart rate, breathing patterns and also your activity with sleep tracking. Apple health give a complete picture of your health and which places need improvement.

With the recent update Apple has added features like family health tracking using with you can stay updated on your parents health as well as your child health.

Apple Wallet

Apple wallet was more known to be a payment wallet that we have in our iPhone. Now Apple has changed the way that you will use the wallet. Now you can add your hotel room keys, your Car keys and your work space entry keys to the wallet so that you can use a single device to do all the entry and exit.


Privacy is another thing that Apple is concentrating this time around. With the latest privacy settings you can keep track for all apps and what resources the app is using in the background. What type of data is being fetched by the app to promote ads and used by other companies to track you and your usages.

With the latest Privacy updates you have all the control over the apps and also you can restrict apps from using your data.

iOS 16 with iPadOS 16 and MacOS update: WWDC 2023

With the latest changed in iOS 15 with iPadOS 15 and MacOS Monterey update, Apple has brought some new things to the table that will make the use of iOS and iPAD OS better. With new security features and the Facetime updates you can be more productive with iPhones and iPads. With these changes coming to all devices in Apple ecosystem it will be great to work with things in different situations in our daily life. All the versions of the update are available for developers starting today.

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