iOS 17 will bring changes to UI, lock screen, Apple Music and Control center

iOS 17 developer beta is expected to be released in WWDC that is expected to happen in June this year. Before the release, we are getting some updates regarding the changes that iOS 17 will bring to the table.

iOS 17 will bring changes to UI, lock screen and Control center

According to latest post from Weibo, iOS 17 not only will bring performance improvements and bug fixes, but we can expect changes in design on lock screen and the interface. As per the post, there will be changes to control center design and also the Apple Music. Following are the list of changes that you can expect from the next version of iOS.

The new lock screen design will be more integrated to the lock screen where users can see the lyrics of the song on the lock screen itself, which will be a great addition for iOS users. When it comes to lock screen, iOS 17 will bring many changes here. User will be able to share the designs that they have created for lock screen to other iPhone users, like what we can presently do on Apple watches.

Apple is expected to bring changes in UI of Apple Music and also the control center. When it comes to app library, users can expect new options like creating custom categories and also organizing feature.

In the recent leaks, it is also mentioned as in the latest version of iOS there will be changes to flashlight. Presently, the user can select 3 different levels of brightness, but the next update will bring a slider for more precise adjustment in brightness levels.

These are not the final list of upgrades that we will get, as more leaks are expected to come before WWDC 2023. Support for sideloading apps is a huge leap by Apple this time. Apple is also planning to bring their AR/VR headset to the market, and the latest version of iOS will have changes related to the same.

Other expected changes will be related to Dynamic island, which was introduced with the iPhone 14 series. These leaks will have more confirmation as we reach closer to the WWDC in June. The OS version will be available for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Watch and TV this time.

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