iPadOS 17 feature list : lock screen customization and improved stage manager

iPadOS 17 feature list include lock screen customization and improved stage manager, with many other features like external webcam support and audio routing.

iPadOS 17 feature list

As we are around the corner for the next even from Apple, the WWDC 2023 where we can expect new software and hardware, new leaks are out providing details on iPadOS 17. We will be getting some good set of features in iOS 17 this time and iPadOS is also expected to have new feature additions.

In the new tweet from analyst941 on Twitter, the iPadOS 17 will have major changes related to multitasking. As we have stage manager in iPad since iPadOS 16, the next version of iPadOS will bring some improvements to the same.

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With this upgrade, user can do smoother multitasking with iPad by connecting external displays. Another update from the twitter lean mentioned that the next version of iPadOS will have support for Webcams in iPad.

Presently, users are not able to connect external cameras to the iPad in iPadOS 16, but this is going to change. This will help users to position cameras in a better position during video calls. As the built-in camera is in fixed position, this feature will make your iPad more flexible to be used for meetings and video calls.

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Another exciting feature that will come with iPadOS 17 is to select the sound output from iPad. With the present version of iPad, the sound output always comes from the built-in speakers but with the new update, users will be able to select the output device if connected to external monitors which have speakers.

Lock screen customization is another feature that people are excited about. This feature is already available in iOS, where users can add widgets to lock screen and also switch between different lock screen designs. With iPadOS 17, users will be able to select specific widgets in lock screen.

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In iPadOS 17, users might also be able to resize the dock when using an external display, so it is easier to access the apps without taking up too much screen real estate. Then, the update might also let users put the iPad to sleep while the external display stays on. Also, some leaks suggest that we may be getting a more powerful version of iPad which could support higher resolution external displays.

The tipster further adds that the iPadOS 17 will bring all the lock screen customization you find on iPhone to the iPad. This will include the option to adjust the clock position, which is not possible until now.

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