iPhone 15 final design mockup shows an upgraded look with physical buttons

iPhone 15 final design mockup shows an upgraded look with physical buttons. Some details mentioned on this mockup design are not final yet.

In the recent video from Unbox therapy, we can see the design of the upcoming flagship phone from Apple. With the iPhone 15 series, Apple is expected to bring thin bezels and a slightly thicker phone. Added thickness on iPhone 15 would mean a larger batter compared to the present iPhone 14 series.

iPhone 15 final design

The mockup design shown on the video in from Unbox therapy shows a design which is created with a reference of various cases for iPhone 15 from China. On 2022, we got a similar mockup for the iPhone 14 which was the same when the product was finally revealed.

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One thing that we can be sure with the next version of iPhone is USB-C. Apple will be ditching the lightning port with USB-C this time, which will be a great change since the first iPhone. In the video it is also clear that the next iPhone will have very slim bezels making it look more futuristic. This change will reduce the width of the phone to some extent, making the larger pro models to be more comfortable on hand.

Another change that we can expect is a curvier design. The corners of the upcoming iPhones will be more rounded. This can be seen in the shown mockup as well. At the back of iPhone 15 we can expect two cameras and in the pro models we will have three. Camera arrangement looks similar, but overall the thickness of the phone and the camera section has increased when Lewis measured using a caliper.

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The side of the phone is made of brushed metal, which looks great, but this cant be confirmed yet. There will be a change in buttons as well. Instead of two buttons for volume, now we may get a single button which can be pressed at top and bottom to adjust the volume. Also, the famous mute slider switch may be replaced with a button which is not yet confirmed.

We may get more details on the iPhone 15 on the WWDC that will happen in June this year. Pricing and availability details will be more clear when we near September, as the next iPhone is expected to be launched in September 2023.

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