JioDive VR headset from Jio: How to use, Price and availability.

Here are all details of JioDive VR headset from Jio including how to use the headset, pricing and availability. Also know about how to order the headset.

JioDive VR headset from Jio

Jio after their 5G rollout has come up with a VR headset named JioDive. As Virtual reality is gaining its popularity now, it is the right time to bring something like this to the market. One thing to point out here is that this VR headset is low in price but offers a good set of features. Following are details on the new VR headset from JIO and how to setup and use it.

Features of JioDive VR headset from Jio

Jio has brought this to the market to bring more people into VR. When it comes to features, this headset comes with all the needed feature that other high-end brands offer. This headset was launched specifically to watch IPL online. The screen size that we can get using this headset is 100 inches, which itself will provide an immersive experience.

With the addition of 360 degree view of the stadium, it gives a feel as if you are inside the stadium. You can use both Android and iPhones with this headset, and there is a compatible display size for this headset. If you have a phone with screen size ranging from 4.7 inch to 5.7 inch, it can be used in this VR headset.

There are wheels present at the side of the headset which can be used to adjust the focus on the screen and also lenses are adjustable. It also comes with a dedicated button to interact with the VR options in the phone and a strap to hold it tight on your head.

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Pricing and availability of JioDive headset

Jio has targeted the budget segment with the launch of the VR headset. JioDive is priced at 1,299 Rs in India. It comes in only one color, that is black.

How to order JioDive VR headset from Jio

JioDive is available in JioMart and also on the office website of Jio. As a launch offer, Jio has provided some discounts to the VR headset. If you use Paytm wallet then there is a discount offer of 500 Rupees. You should select Paytm while doing the purchase.

How to setup and use JioDive VR headset

One thing to note here is that this headset will only work with phones that have Jio connection. Either it can be Jio 4G, Jio 5G or Jiofiber network. To join JioDive, users need to scan the QR code on the box that comes with the headset after connecting to any Jio network mentioned above.

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It supports Jio cinema app in which TATA IPL is broadcasted. User need to click “watch on Jiodive” option in the app and then insert the phone to the VR headset. Focus of the lens needed to be adjusted based on the screen size of the phone. Once done, you are ready to watch IPL in 100-inch screen.

Which phones are supported in JioDive VR headset

This headset works with both iOS and Android phone and any phone with a screen size of 4.7 to 5.7 inch as mentioned above. All popular smartphone brands are supported like Apple, OnePlus, Oppo, Xiaomi, Samsung, Poco etc. One thing to note is that the phone should have Android version 9 or above.

Is JioDive headset from Jio worth it?

Yes, for the price, the features offered here are excellent. The headset is well-built and the experience that we get from it is excellent. One thing we noticed is that wearing it for long time could create some pain, but still It’s nothing much to consider while watching IPL on a huge 100-inch screen.

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