Migrate any Domain and hosting to Hostinger

Migration of websites is a common practice that happens regularly based on the features that a hosting service provides and the speed bump that we get by changing hosts. Migrating a domain is not a common thing as we can just point the DNS at any domain registrar and keep our website alive, but in case you are looking for a method to migrate your website and domain to a single registrar and hosting service, then this post could help you with the same. Here we are going to talk about Hostinger, which is one of the most popular web hosting services available on the market, and check how to migrate any domain and hosting to Hostinger.

We can check this out in two parts, first we can transfer your website hosting to hosting and in the second part lets move your domain.

How to Migrate Hosting to Hostinger

  • To begin with the process of how to Migrate any Domain and hosting to Hostinger, you first need to sign up to hostinger. If you have a hosting account early in Hostinger then the process is simple else if you are new to Hostinger then you need to buy a hosting.
How to Migrate any Domain and hosting to Hostinger
  • Enter the required details and make payment for the plan that you may need.
  • If you need to check out the plans you can visit this page in Hostinger website for more details
  • Once you have done the signup and purchased a hosting you will be in the Hostinger dashboard.
How to Migrate any Domain and hosting to Hostinger
  • Here you will be able to see all your domains listed if you have existing domains and also hostings.
  • In the top menu bar section you will be able to see all the basic functionalities that we have inside Hostinger.

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  • To begin with the hosting transfer process you need to follow the steps below.
  • First you need to add a domain name that you are planning to transfer the hosting to hostinger.
  • Click on the “Add Website” button
  • You will be shown with a page to enter the details of the website hosting that you need to transfer.
  • To do this you need some details like the old hosting provider name and also the login details of your wordpress account in your old hosting provider. Once you have all these things then you are good to go.
  • In the Add website screen enter the domain name of the website that you want to transfer and then enter a password which you should remember.
  • Once you have added both the details click on “Add Website” button.
  • Now your website will get added to the list below.
  • With the added website you will see a manage button to the side of the domain name that you have added.
How to Migrate any Domain and hosting to Hostinger
  • Click on the manage button and you will be redirected to the website name hpanel. Here is where all the magic happens for that particular website.
migrate website
  • In this page if you scroll down you can see a section called “Website” which will be having an option called “Migrate website”. Click on that button and here the actual process of migration starts.
  • You will be shown with a page where you may need to add some details to begin with the process.
  • In the next page click on “Add Request” button and we can see an “Add Migration Request” page as shown below.

adding request
  • Enter the required details as needed including the website name and the admin URL for wordpress usually its “wp-admin”.
  • In the WordPress username field enter the login details of the WordPress login for the website that you want to migrate.
  • After entering the username and password click on the “Check Connection” button and you will see a success message if the details provided are valid.
  • At the last dropdown select the old hosting provider from which you are migrating the website from. Once done click on “Add Request” button.
  • Its Done, you have completed the process and rest Hostinger will take care of. The migration process may take some time based on the size of your website and the files. Once done you will receive a confirmation in your email and also in the hostinger dashboard.

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In this process all the files will be copied from your previous hosting to new hosting. You will still be able to access the website in old hosting provider account.

If you want to edit your website from Hostinger at this situation, you may need to point your DNS to Hostinger name servers. By doing this you can leave the domain with the old Registar itself or else in case you want to move your domain to Hostinger then follow the steps below.

How to move a domain to Hostinger

Moving a domain is much simpler process compared to a hosting. To move a domain follow the steps below.

  • Go to your Hostinger account login.
  • Click on the Domains tab at the top.
transfer domain
  • In the new page you will see a Transfer Domain button. Click on that.
  • There are a few conditions that you need to follow before transferring a domain.
  1. The Domain that you are going to transfer should be 60 days old.
  2. You should have an EPP code from the old registrar which you can find inside the settings of domain in the old registar login account.
  3. The Domain needs to be unlocked so that the transfer process could initiate.

Once you have all the things setup we are good to go.

  • Enter the domain name on the resulting page
transfer domain
  • Be sure that you have gone through all the requirements for a domain transfer to occur.
  • After making sure, click on the transfer button. There is a charge for the domain transfer to occur. Complete the payment and in the next step, you will be asked with the EPP code that you may need to enter for the domain transfer to begin.
  • If you have done all things right your domain should appear inside your Hostinger dashboard with a day or 2.

Hope this post helped in finding the way on how to Migrate any Domain and hosting to Hostinger. Please read the process carefully before doing any changes in your Domain. Thanks for reading this.

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