Samsung may switch to Bing as default search instead of Google

As AI is taking over the search, here is why Samsung may switch to Bing as default search instead of Google.

Samsung may switch to Bing as default search instead of Google

Since the introduction of AI in search, Google and Bing are competing with each other to make it right.

Bing having an upper hand here with the ChatGPT support. Samsung phones run Android, and they are the second-largest manufacturer of phones in the world.

When they switch the default search to Bing, it would be a blow to Google. Microsoft is concentrating on integration of ChatGPT in Bing, which has made this race of AI easier for them.

As per Sammobile, Samsung in the recent update has mentioned as they are planning to make Bing as the default search engine in their phones. This could be applicable for all Samsung phones in the market.

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With a shipment of 260 million Android phones from Samsung last year, it would create a huge change in the web search segment. Even if Samsung does this, Google can ask user to select the default search like it usually happens in any OS.

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Google Chrome being the primary browser used with Android makes it easier for Google to make users to use Google as search. Also, Google has control over apps like Gmail and Play store. If Samsung is making a switch to Google, then they can add conditions to use Google Play Store in Samsung phones.

There are certain rules and regulations to do it, but still Google can think of it. If this happens, the Google could lose 4% from their average search use from mobile phones.

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Google also would have a loss in revenue, as they earn around $3bn every year from the Samsung contract. The final decision from Samsung is not yet out, but it will be made clear soon.

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