How to Save battery life in MacOS Monterey

Apple releases new version of their MacOS every year with various new changes and features. When the new OS is released it may have issues that will get fixed in time. In some cases we may noticed issues in performance and battery life of our Macbooks and different Mac’s that run Mac OS. In case you have installed the latest MacOS Monterey, here are aa few tips on how to save battery life in MacOS Monterey.

Battery life tips in MacOS Monterey

First of all you need to make sure all the hardware that you have is running perfectly and that is not causing any issue with the battery life of your mac. In case all is running perfect and the issue is with the latest MacOS then follow these ways mentioned below.

Update your MacOS to the latest version

In case you are running the Beta version, let it be developer or public beta of Mac OS Monterey, we should be sure that we are running the latest version of the OS. If you want to check if any latest version of OS is available for download you can manually check it from the about this Mac window for that use the following steps.

  • Click on the Apple logo at the bar at the top.
  • You will be shown with a menu. There you will see “About this Mac” button.
  • Click on the button and you will see a new window appearing which shows your latest version of Mac installed.
  • At the bottom of the popover you will see the “Software update” button.
  • Click on that button the popover will open a new screen which scans for any new software available.
Software update in Macos Monterey
  • There will be a loader shown and in case you have any new software update available, you will see the upgrade now button on the screen.
Checking for updates in Macos Monterey
  • Upgrade the mac to latest version.

Why is installing the latest version important

When the new software is released there will be bugs that could create issues like battery drain and performance related issues. In the new software updates that Apple provides, they will fix the issues which may help improving the battery life of your mac.

Adjust your screen brightness

Screen is a major culprit when it comes to battery drain in any device like mobile phone or laptop. When it comes to screen there are various factors that could drain your battery.

As we know Macbook screen come with high resolution which will tax your Mac GPU. Another major thing that makes the battery drain fast is the brightness of the screen. In case you are noticing battery drain in your Mac after upgrading to Mac OS Monterey this could be due to improper brightness adjustment and automatic brightness issues which your laptop manages based on ambient light.

If you thing that your screen is killing the battery then following are the things that you can do.

Dim screen brightness when on battery

To do this follow these steps.

  • Go to settings in Mac
  • Click on Battery options
  • Select Battery from Sidebar.
  • Here you will see a checkbox “Slightly dim display while on battery power”. Check it
Battery settings in MacOS

Other things that you can do on this screen is

  • Reduce the slider of the “Turn display off after” to as minimum as possible for your need so that the display turn off when the laptop is left unused.
  • You can also enable power naps when on battery power.

Turning off WiFi will help to Save battery

Network connection is another culprit which taxes your battery. When you are not using laptop, you can turn off WiFi. This is a best way to Save battery life in MacOS Monterey

To turn off WiFi follow these steps.

  • From the home screen of your mac check the top bar if you are seeing the Wifi symbol.
  • Incase you are seeing the WiFi icon, click on that icon and here you will see a menu of all the WiFi SSID as a list.
  • Above all the list, you will see a ON/OFF toggle for WiFi.
  • Click on the switch and turn it off.
  • Now your Wifi will be off until you manually turn it on.
wifi off to Save battery life in MacOS Monterey

Why turning off wifi will save battery life in MacOS

When Wifi remains ON, all the background sync keeps running. Services like Mail Sync and Time machine backup keeps running which uses your Processor and SSD eventually draining your battery.

In case you are not having the Icon on the top bar you can do the same by going to Mac OS settings.

Save battery life in MacOS Monterey

Close all apps that are running in the Background

Apps that are running in the background without your knowledge can drain a lot of your battery. Closing all the apps from the Dock and also from the Activity center will save a great amount of battery. Do the following things for closing the app.

  • Mouse hover over any app that you may need to close and use a two finger tap on the track pad to show a menu where you will see the Quit button.
  • Click on that button and the app will get closed.
  • Also you can go to Launchpad and go to Activity monitor.
  • You will see all the apps running in your mac here and you can close them one by one.
Save battery life in MacOS Monterey

Reduce the display resolution

Display resolution is another factor which drains your battery. If you are able to reduce the display resolution then the use of battery will reduce. Your GPU will need to power more pixels if your display resolution is high. Reducing the resolution will reduce the usage of GPU and reducing the battery usage. To reduce the screen resolution go to display settings.

  • Click on settings button on Mac OS.
  • Go to Display
  • There you will see two options like , Scaled and Default to display.
  • Click on Scaled and reduce the display resolution.
  • You will see larger text and content here but this will hep increasing the battery life.


In case you still see any battery drain in MacOS Monterey then you can mention it in the comment section below so that I can make another post with some advanced settings that you can make to improve the battery life. These are some basic setting telling How to Save battery life in MacOS Monterey.

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