Bike accessories near me that are best

When ever you get a new bike, you will always think of making it look better by adding more accessories. Even though company provides some in stock accessories, there are certain things that we may not find there. So we start searching for bike accessories near me in google or any other searches.

People prefer fitting some accessories after touching and feeling them so that they can be confident about the item and also see the fitment. Here I will take you through some of the best accessories that you can get online and also a list of shops that are popular in India for selling genuine bike accessories.

Why you need accessories for a bike?

All bikes or scooters come with certain set of preinstalled accessories like the rear view mirrors, wind shields, saree guards, seat covers etc. These are some common accessories that you can find within the showroom but there are certain accessories that you will need to buy separately either online or through shops.

Some accessories that could make your biking experience better

  • Phone holder
  • Phone charger
  • GPS tracker for bike
  • Tyre pressure monitor
  • Lever guard

These are some of the accessories that you will be able to find in the bike accessories nearby. Let’s discuss the use of the above mentioned accessories one by one.

Phone holder

This is one of the most demanded accessory for any bike or car. Phone now a days being big, its hard to hold in our hand or keep in our pocket while riding a bike. For this a phone holder acts as a third hand here. It will hold the phone in such an angle that you will be able to see all the notification and also the calls that you receive.

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While you are driving a bike if you receive a call you can stop the bike to the side of the road and take the call if its urgent. Similarly, while you are travelling to a unknown spot, you may need to know the location and use navigation.

In this case a phone holder on a bike would be life saving. If you keep the phone in your pocket then each time a turn comes, the phone should be taken out of your pocket and checked for directions. A phone holder can keep you updated on the route and makes things easy for you.

Phone Charger

Road trips are very common thing now a days. People like to go for long road trips, in that case they may need to charge the phone in between. Now a days most bikes and scooter come with 12V charging port which can be used to charge phones.

You just need to connect a 12V charger to the socket and start charging. Some manufacturers provide a built in USB port in their bikes to make the charging easier.

A phone charger on a bike is a great accessory to have during long trips.

GPS tracker for bike

Have you bought a new bike? How would you feel if some one takes it away without your knowledge. It has happened to me once so I always install a GPS tracker to my bikes so that I can stay updated on what is going on with them even if they are parked in a remote location.

GPS trackers come with a sim installed which makes them to remain connected to the internet. Using the companion app of the GPS tracker, you will stay updated on anything happening with your bike. It will detect any shocks or movements in your vehicle and report to you.

Another advantage here is that, you can share your your location with the people in your home. This is a common thing that happens when you go for a road trip. People at home are always worried about you and they want to know your location.

Keeping this in mind it is good to connect a GPS tracker in a bike or scooter that you have.

Tyre pressure monitor

Another important accessory that you must consider that you will find in bike accessories online or in shops is the TPMS. Tyre pressure is an important factor in any vehicle. It determines how smooth the vehicle runs and also fuel economy is determined based on tyre pressure.

Low tyre pressure will lead to more fuel consumption and a bumpy ride. To keep track on the tyre pressure of your bike or scooter, you must consider installing a tyre pressure monitor which will keep you updated with the pressure in both front and back tyres.

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There is a sensor that you may need to install on the wheel nozzles so that the TPMS can calculate the pressure and display it to you.

Each sensor fitted to the wheel will have a battery which will last really long.

Lever guard

This is a not an accessory of top priority but still it is good to get it. So what is a leaver guard. As the name suggest, it protect the clutch and break lever of the vehicle in case of any fall. Break and clutch levers should be kept intact while you go for a road trip. In that case considering a lever guard is a great option.

When you go for a road trip, there could be bad and slippery roads. In that case there are a high chances of wheel slip or fall. It would be better to add some protection to your bike.

The above mentioned are some of the best bike accessories that you can buy either online or from shop near you.

Let’s now check some of the accessories from the above segment that are available online.

Best bike accessories online or near you

BOBO BM4 : Bike phone holder

best bike accessories near me

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  • Metal build
  • 4 to 7 inch phone support
  • Metal clamps
  • Cushioned jaws

User Review:

To start with, lets check phone holder as this is one of the most demanded accessory for a bike. Bobo is one of the popular brands that would be available in shops near you or online.

It is capable of supporting a 4 inch to 7 inch phones so most mobile phones in the market would be covered in this.

With a specially designed jaw grip that it has phone is kept sturdy even if you are riding through bumpy roads.

The build of this phone holder is from aluminium which gives it a premium look. Also the internal parts of the jaws are rubberised so that they do not damage the phone even if it is tightly placed.

Clamps are also made of metal and you can screw the clap to the bike handle bar easily. The flat bed of the phone holder has rubber padding which keeps the phone a cushion when it shakes during the ride.

I am using this phone holder in my Yamaha Aerox 155 and it has been a great choice. Even in really bumpy roads it holds the phone stable.

  • Solid build
  • Easy to install
  • Good padding
  • Good hold
  • Looks dull in color soon

Anker PowerDrive AK-A2310011: Phone Charger

Anker PowerDrive AK-A2310011

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  • 24V power output
  • ABS plastic
  • Over heating and over charging protection
  • 2 USB ports
  • LED indicators

User Review

Another important accessory to consider if you are planning for a road trip is phone charger. Most of the scooter and bikes come with a USB port or a 12V charging socket.

A good charger is needed for stable charging and also fast charge your phone. There are many brands available in market for you to consider.

Anker is one of the most trusted brand when it comes to car or bike phone charger. It has a compact design and can be fitter easily in tight spaces. It comes with 2 output USB ports with 24 watts of power.

Company is providing 24 months of warranty and this charger will be suitable for all phones that support fast charging, you can also charge your Macbook and Tablet using this charger.

Built in with a special circuit for overcharge and short circuit protection, this is a great option to consider in the bike accessories list. If you are searching for bike accessories near you then you will be finding this charger in most of the shops.

I have been using this charger for last 4 months and it has never disappointed me as it charges the phone very fast and no heating noticed.

  • Durable build
  • Fast Charging
  • Nice looks
  • Limited availability

Ajjas GPS Tracker for Bike

Ajjas GPS Tracker for Bike

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  • Sim included
  • Small form factor
  • Easy setup
  • 12V input

User Review:

This is one of the most important accessory in this list as it helps to track your bike location where ever you are. Ajjas is one of the most popular brands when it comes to GPS trackers in India. They have a simple design and easy installation process.

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All GPS trackers from Ajjas come with built in SIM cards and you can get different plans with them.

3 Months plan would cost you 599 RS and a 6 months plan would cost you 999 RS. The device would initially come with a plan and you would need to recharge the plans once it gets over.

Installation of this device is also very simple as you may need to detect the battery and connect the wires with positive and negative port.

All other setup is done thorough the app. To know about the complete installation of Ajjas GPS tracker check out the video shown above.

With this device installed in my bike I am able to share my present location to family members and also keep track of my bike from any location.

  • Easy setup
  • Accurate location
  • Easy to use app
  • Plans are a bit pricey

DHUNIKART tyre pressure monitor for Bike

DHUNIKART tyre pressure monitor for Bike

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  • Solar panel for charging
  • 5V charging socket
  • Display for readings
  • Handlebar mount

Coming to tyre pressure, a monitor would be a great addition. There are only limited number of tyre pressure monitor for bike available in India. I am using the Dhunikart tyre pressure monitor and it is an accessory which gives peace of mind.

It tells the actual pressure reading of your tire and keep you updated on that. The setup for this is really easy as you need to install the two sensors on the wheels and turn the device ON. It comes with a preinstalled battery so no need to do any connections.

Once the device starts getting the reading it will keep you updated. It has a small display on it which shows the tyre pressure, temperature and also any warning regarding the tyre.

The charging of the device is done using the included 5V charging port or the solar panel that is present at the top of the device.

You can connect the TPMS to the phone charge and charge it in any place.

  • Accurate readings
  • Easy setup
  • Long battery life
  • Display brightness is less when seen outdoors

 SCORPION Clutch Brake Lever guard

 SCORPION Clutch Brake Lever guard

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  • Aluminium build
  • Length adjustment
  • Easy installation
  • All Allen keys provided

Last but not the least this is the 5th accessory that I have installed in my bike and it is one of the essential one for any bike or scooter.

Usually most of the lever guards are made up of high quality aluminium and this one is very durable and I have experienced it as once when my bike fell, it took all the damage protecting the break levers.

  • Strong build
  • 3 colors available
  • Good design
  • Discolouration can occur soon

Question and Answers

Which is the best place to buy bike accessories online?

There are many online website where you can get bike accessories. Popular online website like Amazon and Flipkart have a good amount of accessories that you can buy after seeing review.

Other stores are also available online for specific bike accessories like Ajjas for GPS tracker. Also there are some common stores online which sell all accessories that we have listed above.

Auto-furnish is a store which has a complete list of accessories for bikes and cars if you are planning to buy car specific accessories the consider checking Boodmo which has you covered with all things for cars including spare parts.


Here I feel that you may have got the answer if you have searched for bike accessories near me and also a list of accessories that you may need to consider if you are planning to buy bike accessories online. If you like this post please share it with friends and family members.

Thanks for reading.

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