How to Setup AAWP plugin in WordPress in 2023

A major challenge of Amazon affiliate website is to share the products in a way that will attract the user and will get more clicks which will eventually lead into more conversions. Most of the people share the links in blogs and videos as a promotion to their affiliate products.

When it comes to Amazon we are featuring products that has images and description with products link. To attract user and to make them click, the way that we represent the product should be attractive. When it comes to a website or blog, we can do it using buttons and also textual links that has your affiliate link in it.

But it still does not grab user attention when compared to a block or a image that will give a better idea for the user about the product.

Here let’s check out how to setup AAWP plugin in WordPress which will help you to create an attractive way to present your affiliate products in a WordPress blog so that you can get more conversion and affiliate earnings. This is the best plugin for Amazon Affiliate website for now.

How to Setup AAWP plugin in WordPress

What is AAWP plugin?

AAWP or also known as Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin that you can install to your WordPress website and import your Amazon affiliate products to your website easily.

Like other plugins that we install into a WordPress site, we can follow the same steps but you may not find this plugin in the WordPress plugin store, you may need to visit the getAAWP website and download the plugin.

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AAWp plugin offers various templates that you can use to represent the products in an attractive way. The various templates that you are looking for can be seen in the demo page that you can find in the AAWP website.


With the use of AAWP plugin you can create the following templates

  1. Comparison Tables
  2. Single Box
  3. Best Seller List
  4. New Releases
  5. Grids
  6. Tables
  7. Lists

Below is a pictorial representation of some of the templates that you can setup using AAWP plugin.

How to Setup AAWP plugin in WordPress

Comparison Tables

These are one of the popular template used in AAWP. Using this you can compare multiple products with their specification.

This give a clear idea for the visitor of the blog about the products that they are looking for and also decide the right product. Comparison table is added with buttons which redirect to Amazon product page.

Single Box

This is another popular template in AAWP which adds a complete list of details and specification of the products that people are looking for Using this you can show the image of the product as well as description of the major highlights of the product making it easy for the users to understand and select the right option.

AAWP plugin in WordPress

Each product is listed with a large size images and also with the button redirecting to the affiliate link.

Best Seller list

People like Best sellers category as they can easily find the best selling product in each particular category.

When it comes to Best Seller list template in AAWP, you can add multiple products in the list and show users some of the best products that are sold in that category. Having multiple products in the list make it more easy to select a particular option.

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New Releases

People are always searching for newly released products in a particular category. Using the New released template, you can show user about the latest launches happening. In case user visiting your website is interested on latest products in the market then it will be easy for him to find.

Similarly Grids, Tables and Lists are a great way to represent and list out affiliate products and promote them to the user.

AAWP is a premium plugin that you may need to purchase separately and upload to your website for it to work. Now let’s see how you can buy and Setup AAWP plugin in WordPress.

How to Buy AAWP plugin

To buy the plugin you may need to visit the website that we have mentioned above

AAWP plugin price
  • Once you have reached this page, you will be able to see the pricing of the AAWP plugin based on the number of website that you are planning to include this plugin with.
  • Here you Will get option to add AAWP plugin for 1. 3,10 and 25 websites.
  • Select the plan accordingly based on the number of website that you have.
Before purchasing the AAWP plugin, you should be sure that you have an Amazon Affiliate account and also you will need an API key for connecting your Affiliate account to the Plugin so that the plugin can fetch products from Amazon using the API key provided.
  • In case you have the above details, you can complete the checkout and download the AAWP plugin.

How to install the plugin

This is an easier process. Like you install any plugin to WordPress by uploading the Zip file, you can install the AAWP plugin in the same way.

  • Login to your wordpress account
  • Go to plugin section.
  • Click on the Add New button at the top of the page.
add AAWP plugin
  • Now click on Upload Plugin button.
Upload plugin
  • You will see the resulting section after clicking the button
how to install AAWP
  • In the resulting popover,Click Choose file and select the downloaded Zip file and click upload.
  • Once the Plugin is uploaded, you will see the AAWP listed in the sidebar of wordpress.
AAWP in wordpress sidebar
  • Click on the AAWP button and you are in.

How to Setup AAWP plugin in WordPress

  • To setup AAWP plugin, we need to first begin with adding the license key that we get in our email after purchasing the plugin.
  • If you are inside the plugin page in wordpress, there will be 5 tabs shows which you need to setup and move from one to the next.
AAWP tabs

Licensing Tab:

  • First to setup the licensing tab, you need to provide the key that you have received in your email to the field provided in this tab.
  • After entering the license key, click on Verify License, if you have a valid key then ti will be verified.
  • Then in the License service, select the Automatic option and click on the Test connection button.
  • You will receive a message with green check mark as “The connection was successfully established.

Now you are done with the License tab. Once all done, click on the “Save” button at the bottom of the page and move to the next tab.

Amazon API Tab:

  • This is one of the important settings you need to make for the AAWP plugin to work.
  • You should add your API Key here that you get from the Amazon affiliate account. For that login to Amazon account and go to tools and click on Product Advertising API.
  • From here you can generate the API key.
  • Enter the API key from the Amazon account and add it to the fields in the AAWP plugin API tab.
api setup
  • Fill the details and click on the Connect button. If the API key that you have provided is correct, AAWP will be able to connect to the API. and you will see disconnect button instead of connect.
  • Once connected you have done 90% of the setup. Now we need to configure the templates and buttons that you need to show on the sections that will appear on the blog page.
  • Don’t forget to save the changes by clicking the Save button after completing changes in each page.

General Tab:

  • General tab helps you configure the basic interface of the AAWP plugin.
  • By default all the values are set. You should leave those as it is and click on save button.
  • Make sure that “amazon” is selected under Shortcode.
  • Click Save button to save the changes

Output and Functions Tab:

These are tabs that have controls based on appearance of the template on the page, you can modify the text length and also the button text. Make the necessary changes and save it.

After doing all this the setup of AAWP plugin on WordPress is done. One question still remains.

How to add AAWP Shortcode

The process of adding AAWP Shortcode to a WordPress blog is simple. Basically the product that you add is based on the ASIN code of the product shown in Amazon.

How to find and add ASIN code in AAWP plugin Shortcode

To make a Shortcode from an AAWP plugin first you need to find the ASIN code of the product that you want to add. For that go to Amazon in any country and scroll down to find the ASIN code of that product as shown in the picture.


Once you have got the ASIN code you can head over to the AAWP website shortcode page. There you will see shortcodes to place ASIN and paste it in your blog.


Once you have placed the code in your blog if you see the preview of the page, you can see the full template of the product with attractive design and full details.

Hope this blog helped you on how to setup AAWP plugin in WordPress. Share the post so that other can also find it helpful.

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