How to Share Audio on Google Meet

Being one of the popular Video call and meeting app, we have options to share the video and the screen in Google meet. There are also other video calling apps that provide this feature like Zoom. Using these app will help to present your screen content to the participants so that you can take a demo or presentation. These are good but not perfect. In some cases the audio wont be heard by the people on the other end in google meet. This is an annoying situation during a call. Here is how to share audio on Google meet to make your video calls better.

There are a few steps that you follow to share hour screen or start a call.

Steps to share Audio on Google meet

  1. To begin the screens share first you need to click on the “Present now” button that appears at the bottom of the page while you are in a Call.
How to Share Audio on Google Meet

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2. On clicking the button you will she a popup showing which part of the screen you want to share like

How to Share Audio on Google Meet
  • Entire Window
  • A tab
  • Section

3. Select the option accordingly. Here if you are using chrome then select A chrome tab option displayed on the popup.

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How to Share Audio on Google Meet

4. Once you have selected the window to share, you will see a screen like shown below which will start the sharing of your screen.

5. You need to check the share audio box that appears on the screen so that you can start sharing the content and the audio from that content that you show on the screen.

6. If you still have issue then click on the 3 dots button and go to settings.

How to improve video quality

7. Once you are in settings the you will see the default microphone and display options. Select them accordingly to share audio for the content that you are showing on the screen

How to share online videos with audio on Google meet

If you want to share the audio of the videos that you are showing on google meet then follow this process.

  • Go to Google chrome and open the website that you need to share video and audio from.
  • Start the call and share the screen with audio to begin the sharing of audio with video of any website that you want to show.

How to share existing video files on your computer in google meet.

There may be glitches in this case to play a local file on google meet. To play a video file from your computer, you need to drag and drop that file on to the chrome window.

Same process can be done while the meeting is in progress.

How to improve video quality of google meet video

Quality of video and audio is important while doing a google meet call. To ensure the best quality for the presentation or screen sharing that you do, you can try these steps.

  • Reduce the number of open tabs in a browser window to free up more RAM space
  • Stop streaming any other video on the same network
  • Avoid downloading any software during the video call
  • Stop any music streaming happening
  • Pause automatic updates on your PC or Mobile
  • Place your wifi router near to the PC or Laptop that you are doing the video calls with.
  • Use a wired connection to avoid lags
  • Restart your PC or laptop before starting the video call on google meet.
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