Steps to disable Google Assistant on Android

Here are the steps to disable Google Assistant on Android.

Google Assistant is an integrated voice assistant in any Android device. Users can ask for any questions and can get answers for it. Google Assistant can also help in controlling your smart home devices through voice commands. Some people may turn it off as they feel better with their privacy.

Disable Google Assistant on Android

As Google Assistant is built in feature with any Android version and device, you can use the following steps in any device that you have. Google Assistant and Google Play Services are enabled by default in any Android phone.

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Why should you disable Google Assistant?

  • This could improve your privacy as Google Assistant has an always listening feature which listens to you talk. Disabling it could stop this always listening feature in your phone.
  • Battery drain can be reduced if Google Assistant is disabled. With the always listening feature ON, the mic in your phone remains active, which drains the battery.
  • Unwanted interruptions: Another major cause to disable Google Assistant is to avoid unwanted interruptions. As it’s always listening, it may interrupt in between by giving its suggestion or search results.
  • If you are sharing your phone to another person, disabling Google Assistant would be a good choice because anyone can give a voice command to access your personal search. Even though voice match is a feature but still it is not always right.

How to disable Google Assistant on Android

  • Unlock your Android Phone
  • Go to app drawer and click on the Google App or click on the Google search widget icon on home screen.
  • Google search screen will open.
  • Now click on the profile picture, and you will be taken to the list of settings available.
google profile settings
  • Click on Settings button.
  • Now you will see “Google Assistant” listed.
Google general options
  • Click on “Google Assistant”
Google Assistant settings
  • Here there will be all settings related to google assistant.
  • Click on “General” button.
  • Now you will be taken to general settings.
turn off google assistant
  • Here you will find a toggle switch to turn OFF Google Assistant.
  • Flip the switch and you are done.

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You can follow the video added above to know the complete process. After this process, your phone won’t listen to “Hey Google” Command.

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