The best car air purifier in India : Buyer’s Guide

Air pollution has become an major issue now a days and it keeps on growing with the number of vehicles on the road. Government and people are looking to reduce air pollution so that they can breathe a better quality air. Here are some of the best car air purifier in India that you can buy today which will help to breath a better air.

The Best car air purifier

The best car air purifier

Philips GoPure GP5611

Philips GoPure GP5611

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  • Cup holder design
  • 5V input
  • USB C
  • UV treatement
  • Auto start stop system

User Review:

Let’s begin with one of the most popular product in this segment. Philips has always been a favourite for people in India as its a very old brand and have quality products in the market.

When it comes to air purifiers for home as well, their products are really unique and of great quality which makes people trust them.

This is a cup holder type air purifier which you may need to place in the car cup holder. The setup of this device is really easy and you may need to power it using the car 12V socket.

If you have a USB-C port in your car the just connect the cable to it and other end to the air purifier and you are done. The device automatically starts and stops based on the ignition of your car.

With the included powerful UV filtration, it will be able to capture and remove most of the dust and harmful bacterias in the air making your car journey pleasant one.

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It also neutralises gases like the some from cigarette and also from smoke coming from other cars when you are in a traffic.

The sleek design makes it an attractive device as well. You will be able to place it in the cup holder and get fresh air to breath. Philips air purifier is one of the best car air purifier in India that you can get

  • Sleek looks
  • Good features
  • Easy setup
  • Price can be lower

SHARP Automotive Air Purifier FP-JC2M-B with Plasmacluster

SHARP Automotive Air Purifier FP-JC2M-B with Plasmacluster

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  • Hepa filter purification
  • 3 layer filter used
  • PM 2.5 removal
  • Gases and odour removal technology

User Review:

Sharp is a very popular brand in home appliances segment and recently they have introduced air purifiers for car.

This model falls in a price range below 20000 but in my personal experience, it can produce excellent result.

If you old people travelling in car with you and have breating problems and dust allergies, you should consider the Sharp FP-JC2M-B.

It come with 3 layer air purification system which makes air around you really great.

It reduces the PM 2.5 level to minimum even at most polluted areas. The filter used here is HEPA which can capture even micro sized particles making the air cleaner. Sharp air purifier is always popular with people having breathing issues.

Like the previous air purifier that we checked, this model also has the ability to remove gases from air and also bad smell.

The air purifier is specidllay designed to intake and exhaust purifier air in 20 degree angle which provides a great efficiency to the air purifier.

  • Sleek looks
  • Great build quality
  • Good air purification
  • Setup and placement is hard in small vehicles

Vantro Smart Car Air Purifier

Vantro Smart Car Air Purifier

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  • Hepa filter
  • 5V input
  • Cup holder design
  • Ion removal
  • 360 degree air intake system

User Review:

If you are looking for an air purifier for car under 5000 then this is the option that you should consider. It has some great set of features for the budget price.

Having a 360 degree air intake and exhaust makes it an efficient air purifier to consider. Like the air purifiers in home, this model takes air from the bottom and releases from the top of the devices.

It has a feature to remove negative ions from the car and also company claims that it will be able to remove 99% of virus from the air.

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The input needed for this device is 5V, so you can connect this air purifier to car mobile charging socket without any issues. With the cylindrical shape, it would fit perfect in the cup holder inside your car.

Also the looks of this air purifier are attractive. In my personal opinion it looks good but the build quality could be improved. The low price of the device shows in the build qulaity.

Still for functionality it works great ans as it falls under a budget price range it attract many people.

  • Futuristic looks
  • Simple design
  • Low price
  • Build quality needs to be better

Philips Automotive Lighting GoPure GP5212

Philips Automotive Lighting GoPure GP5212

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  • Hepa filter
  • 16 m3/hour air filtration CADR
  • 2 power modes
  • Auto turn OFF and ON

User Review:

This is another product from Philips. As we discussed earlier, this model is fitted in the headrest of the car.

It makes installation easy but there is one thing to consider here, you may need to think of routing the power cable to the air purifier.

Having a CADR(Clean Air Delivery rate) of 16 m3/hour makes it an efficient and good air purifier for people who have breathing problems. Company mentioned as it could clean the air inside and SUV within 10 minutes.

In my personal experience this air purifier is great in its air purification rate. I have fitted the same in my car and the moment the car starts, it turns ON and a change is noticed instantly.

Philips Automotive Lighting GoPure GP5212

HEPA filter with HESA layer removes all the unwanted gases from the air inside the car reducing any odour. Harmful particles from plastics and cloths are also removed from air through the HEPA filter in this.

Installation of this air purifier is simple by just connecting it to the 12V car charging socket and the purifier starts working as soon as we start the car.

There is a two power filtration system in this device which can be adjusted using the power button.

With a premium looks and 2 level of purification this is a good air car purifier that you should consider if you want one.

  • Good looks
  • Fast purification
  • Easy to use
  • Setup needs a bit of time to route the power cord

Reffair AX60 Smart Car Air Purifier

Reffair AX60 Smart Car Air Purifier

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  • 2 Fan air purification system
  • Smart sensing
  • Built in Display
  • Indications for PM 2.5 levels

User Review:

Smart air purifiers are making into market now a days and the Reffair brand is one of the first one to bring it.

It comes with easy to read indication for the pollution level inside the car which makes using this easy for old people as well.

There is a screen in this air purifier which tells accurately the particles level inside the car and also it detects ultra fine particles as well.

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Another main features of this air purifier is smart sensing as it can sense the amount of particles and raise the filtration level accordingly. The fan speed increases letting in more air out.

Having two fans inside makes it an efficient process for air filtration as it will be able to throw at air in a much faster rate.

  • Good purification speed
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate reading
  • Limited number of service centres

Causes of bad air quality inside car

There are various causes of bad air quality inside a car. People in daily commute get out and get inside the car regularly. These will cause external dirt and dust inside the car.

Also if you run the car with your windows open, external air and smoke could enter the car causing the air inside the car to be polluted. Following are some main causes of air pollution inside the car.

  • Smoking
  • Travelling with pets
  • Riding with open windows
  • No regular cleaning

The above mentioned points are some of the common things that could cause pollution or bad air inside the car. Also it is calculated by the micro particles that our eyes can’t see.

If you have breathing diseases or any one from your family has those issues like asthma or bronkitis then you should consider getting an air purifier for car.

Let me explain the above mentioned points in detail.


This being a really unhealthy habit could cause to have polluted air inside the car. The nicotine that is released while smoking is harmful for you as well as others that are inside car.

A foul smell will also remain inside the car even if you smoke outside and come in. To overcome this you can place a good air freshener or air purifier.

Air freshener will remove any unwatered smell in your car and air purifier will remove all the toxic substances and smell.

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Travelling with pets

Another major cause of polluted air is the increase in P.M 2.5 particles in the air. This is caused due to small particles that fly around undetected. This can come from cloths or pet hair.

Pets like Dogs and Cats can cause this I issue. An air purifier could handle this by pulling in the air and filtering the particles in it and releasing a fresh air.

Riding with open windows

This is a usual thing that we do. While travelling if we feel like having a flow of air inside the cabin, we open the window. This on highways are good but when it comes to traffic jams and congested areas, the pollution level in the air is high.

When the window is opened, all the unwanted odour and dust rushes inside the car cabin. This may make you feel uncomfortable. It can be cleared by using an air freshener or air purifier.

No Regular Cleaning

The other most common issue that we face due to no proper cleaning insider the car. If we use our car to commute every day or of we have used the car for a long journey, it should be cleaned every week.

It will help in keeping the interior hygienic. Adding a good fragrance to the interiors will make you feel good when you enter inside the vehicle.

Now that we have checked some of the basic causes of air pollution inside the car, lets see some points you may need to consider before getting an air purifier for your car.

Things to consider in an Air purifier for car

There are variety of air purifiers available in the market that you could use. Each would have different functionality and you may need to setup them differently. Keeping this in mind lets check out some main points here.

  • Installation
  • Features on offer
  • Filter replacement
  • Filter availability
  • Price
  • Looks

Let’s check the above mentioned points in detail.

The Best car air purifier


Why I have added Installation as a thing to consider for air purifier is because, every car has a different interior and features.

As we are installing an external air purifier, there should be space for it to be installed inside the car. If you do not install properly, it would not provide the desired effect that you are looking for.

The location of an air purifier should be kept in such a way that there is proper air flow from all direction so that it can pull in all the air insider the car and filer it and send it out.

All the vents should be open and kept without any blockage. There are places where you can install air purifiers like the cup holding spot or the dash board.

Some air purifiers that are available in the market can be mounted onto the headrest. It’s a good spot depending on the space needed for entry or exit of the back passenger.

If the space is less the it could either damage the car while a passenger gets out as he will hit it or the air purifier will get damaged.

Features on offer

Latest car air purifiers come with specific features like a built in display which can tell the pollution level and air quality inside your car.

It can inform you if there are high P.M 2.5 levels inside the car. Also other features like tell you about the filter level and the time to replace the filter.

Some air purifiers also offer USB ports as we would be needing an USB port from the car for it to operate. These are some handy features to have.

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Filter replacement

As the title suggests, we need to change the filter after some time of usage. When the filter gets polluted , you may need to replace it in time.

Some air purifiers may need technical help for replacing the filter but some are really easy. Considering this is really important before selecting an air purifier for car.

Filter availability

Here is a main point that we should check with the brand that we are buying an air purifier. Getting the device is easily for the first time but once we get it and the manufacturer stops production by releasing and advanced version, we may also will not get the accessories for it.

Specially in case if air filter and water filter we need to consider this as a filter change is needed in regular time intervals to keep the device working well.

Looks and design

Looks and design if the air purifier also plays a very important role here. As we are going to place the air purifier inside the car, it should look good and also it should not interfere with the passengers and people travelling in the car.

Also the looks of the car should be enhanced after placing the air purifier.


Finally lets talk price. Price is a deciding factor of any purchase. When it comes to car accessories, even though they are not much pricey, if we need a good and long lasting product then price should not have much consideration else the device could get faulty soon.

Question and Answers

Do air purifiers work in cars?

Yes they are an essential device to be fitted in a car. As we discussed above, there are many causes on unhealthy air inside a car and in case you are having any allergies or irritations then an air purifier would really help cleaning the air.

Even doctors suggest getting an air purifier for home or car as it will reduce the chances of you getting sick.

Which air purifier is best for car?

There are not much air purifiers available in the market that keep the claimed cleaning level inside the car. I have listed some of the best options that you could find in the market now.

From the above list the Philips Automotive Lighting GoPure GP5212 is a good option to go with as it delivered the best result from the lot.

How does air purifier work?

Air purifier as the name suggest is a device that is used to clean the air around you. There are many unseen particles flying around and they get into your nose and create allergies and breathing problems. To avoid the health issues people use Air purifiers.

An air purifier sucks in air from your room or car and passes it through the HEPA filter that is present in it.

When the air comes out of the filter it goes through 3 different layers which removes most of the particles and smoke from the air.

This makes the air clear and good to breathe in. There is an exhaust fan on the top or side of the air purifier which expels the purified air outside.


Pollution is becoming a serious problem now a days and people are becoming more sick now due to this. To avoid health issues due to polluted air, getting devices and appliances like air purifier would make your life better.

Here we have seen some of the best air purifier for car that are available in India right now and any option listed above will satisfy your needs.

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