The Best Mechanical Keyboard in India

Whenever we need to enter a data we rely on keyboard. Mechanical keyboards are getting popular now a days because of the feedback and the clicking that they provide. Here, let’s find out some of the best mechanical keyboard in India that you can buy today.

The Best Mechanical Keyboard in India

The Best Mechanical Keyboard

Razer BlackWidow

Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition

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Top Features:

  • RGB lighting
  • Hand rest included
  • Durable Design
  • 80 Million Key strokes
  • Fast response

Razer is a brand popular for gaming accessories. Recently they are into Laptops. Razer is popular between gamers because of the features and durability in products that they have in the market.

The Razer Backwidow Tournament Edition is one of the good gaming keyboards that you can buy in India. This keyboard is very durable and can take a beating without any issues.

The mechanical switches used here are rated for 80 million keystrokes which is great for gaming as well as typing. You may not need to replace this keyboard for a long time.

Razer claims a 45G actuation force which is perfect for any gaming keyboard. You will get quick response while playing games with this mechanical keyboard.

With the included wrist rest attached to the keyboard, you can work for long durations without wrist pain. Razer Blackwidow is a fully programable keyboard with which you can assign buttons to do specific operations. This helps in reducing keystrokes and also making the use of keyboard really easy.

This keyboard comes with instant response technology which when used intimates the system to perform a specific action or terminate any input with a press of a key.

Mechanical switches used here are of excellent quality and are precise in trigger activation. They deliver accurate response if you press the keys.

Being a gaming keyboard, it comes with RGB lighting, which you can customize according to your setup. With 16.8 million color options, you get a wide range of RGB configurations.

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT Mechanical Keyboard

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT mechanical keyboard

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Corsair is a brand that is very popular when it comes to computer components. They have all the components to assemble a gaming PC of your choice.

This mechanical keyboard has a customisable RGB lighting that most of the gamers like. The keyboard is split into 19 lighting zones which you can control the lighting of each zone separately. You can expect the best lighting experience with this keyboard with bright and vivid lighting.

Keys used here are specially moulded to reduce wear and tear for a long term use. You may not notice fading of keys and loss in shine even with long term use.

With six dedicated macro keys which are fully programmable, you can assign specific keys to do specific operation. This make doing some specific task easy. You can execute multiple commands with a single key press. You can easily swap keys for your need on this keyboard.

Corsair has included Cherry MX switches which are known to provide excellent key press feedback. You can get accurate response on pressing the keys. This really helps during gaming and also typing text.

As with other gaming keyboards, it has a textured palm rest, which makes it extremely comfortable to use for extended periods of time without experiencing hand pain.


ZEBRONICS Zeb-MAX Chroma mechanical keyboard

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Top Features:

  • Durable Design
  • 104 Keys
  • Customisable RGB
  • Wrist Rest included

When it comes to the best mechanical keyboard on a budget, Zebronics is a brand to consider. They have a wide variety of keyboards in this segment, and the ZEBRONICS Zeb-MAX Chroma is one of the favorites among gamers.

This is a full sized mechanical keyboard which has 104 Keys. It has all the main keys with some additional shortcut keys to make the keyboard easy to perform different specific action.

With good quality keycaps, there will be minimum wear and tear for long term use. The key caps used here are really durable so that it will not loose its shine for long period of time.

Like other mechanical keyboards, this model also comes with Wrist rest which is inbuilt with RGB lighting. Its a good option to consider if you are looking for a mechanical keyboard with RGB lighting in budget segment. You can adjust different modes of RGB lighting in this keyboard.

The LED lighting is pre programmed which you can set based on your preference. Zebronics has added 4 levels of brightness to the inbuilt LED lighting which you can adjust according to your requirements. You can also turn off the LED lights when not needed.

Included with speed adjustment for LED lights you can adjust the glowing pattern of RGB lighting based on the computer setup that you have. This keyboard also has included multimedia keys which you can use to control the music playback in the PC.

Havit Mechanical Keyboard

Havit Mechanical Keyboard

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Top Features:

  • Excellent Build
  • Compact Design
  • Multiple RGB modes
  • Detachable USB cable

If you are looking for a Best RGB Mechanical Keyboard then Havit Mechanical Keyboard is the option to choose. Its comes in standard configuration of 104 Keys which includes the numeric keys as well. Its is an ultra thing and light keyboard that will suit any desk that you keep it On.

Being a compact design it is really attractive and premium build. Its thinner and lighter than the traditional mechanical keyboard.

The low profile switches used here makes the keyboard look sleek the key height here is 11.5 mm which is great for typing as well. For a unique mechanical feeling, Havit have added a 3 mm key travel which gives a feel good feeling while typing on this keyboard.

This keyboard is known for its fast responsiveness and simplicity which most of the gamers in India like. You get multiple RGB modes in this keyboard which you can adjust according to your taste. You get 6 preset keys here which you can use according to your needs.

Like other mechanical keyboards, it is a plug-and-play device. It also comes with a USB to micro USB cable that is detachable.

HyperX Alloy HX-KB1SS2-US FPS Mechanical Keyboard

HyperX Alloy HX-KB1SS2-US FPS

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Top Features:

  • Excellent Build
  • RGB Lighting
  • Precise keys
  • Detachable cord

HyperX is a brand which is liked by many gamers around the world due to the quality of gaming accessories they have in the market. Their accessories last really long and are made of good quality materials.

HyperX Alloy HX-KB1SS2-US FPS is one of the best selling mechanical keyboard in India that you can buy today.

Being a gaming mechanical keyboard, it comes with RGB lighting which can be adjusted with dynamic light effects. HyperX has included a software for customisation. With the NGenuity software you can set the lighting of the keyboard accordingly as per your taste.

This mechanical keyboard has an ultra portable design which looks great. It will suit most of the setups. HyperX has added a solid steel frame to increase the durability of the keyboard.

Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro Mechanical Keyboard

Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro

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Top Features

  • Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
  • Excellent Build
  • Bluetooth and USB C connectivity
  • Different RGB Modes

As we have discussed Razer earlier, let’s check out this wireless mechanical keyboard.

Razer has implemented technologies to eliminate the lag while gaming. You can use this keyboard in three connections like Bluetooth for saving energy, Fast wireless connection option and also USB C which enables charging.

Being in a premium segment, this mechanical keyboard will be best for pro gamers. It comes with an excellent build quality and customisable RGB lighting. If you are a pro gamer then you should consider this model for great gaming experience.

Buyers Guide

What is a mechanical keyboard?

Keyboard in general are a horizontal slab of keys embedded with letters, numbers and symbols. Usual keyboard come with a polyurethane membrane beneath the keys under we we have a circuit board.

The membrane comes with a contact pad below each keys. When user presses the keys the membrane having the contact pad which is conductive makes the contact with the circuit board below.

This triggers the specific key press and the keys are shown on the screen. It’s a simple phenomenon.

We had mechanical keyboard from long ago as well but the price and the manufacturing cost is high compared to the dome membrane keyboard. That why companies started producing low priced keyboard so that people could easily afford them.

Mechanical keyboard are in a different segment. They are a bit bulkier and also larger compared to a normal computer keyboard. This is due the switches and the components used inside a mechanical keyboard.

How a mechanical Keyboard works?

Mechanical keyboard has separate switches compared to a normal dome polyurethane membrane that comes in a normal computer keyboard. Mechanical keyboard are expected to have a longer compared to the dome keyboard that we use.

Mechanical keyboard have many moving parts in it. Each switch will have metal or plastic stem which moves up and down when you press and release a key.

The stem is supported by a spring that helps in bringing the key to its normal position after the release.

There are two metal points which are separated by the key that we press.

When the key is press the metal points come into contact with each other which registers the keypress and the character or the number appears on the screen as input.

Same principle is followed in all types of mechanical keyboard like mechanical gaming keyboard.

Advantages of Mechanical keyboard

Mechanical keyboard are considered to be more durable that the traditional keyboard that we use for a computer.

The main advantage of a mechanical keyboard is that we can replace each keys separately as we like.

Some mechanical keyboard support customisation for special keys which you can arrange as per you need.

Another advantage of mechanical keyboard is the durability. They are made with hard material like ABS plastic and strong contacts which run really long.

Also cleaning of a mechanical keyboard is really easy as you can remove each and every key.

Dust accumulation is a common problem in normal keyboard between the keys.

As we can remove the keys in a mechanical keyboard very easily we can keep the keyboard cleaner for a longer time.

When it comes to mechanical gaming keyboard, they come with RGB lightning which is not implemented in normal dome membrane keyboard.

This helps in customising the setup as we want. RGB lighting makes the setup look great. With a gaming PC and other lighting you can match the lighting of a gaming mechanical keyboard accordingly

Keyboard types

  1. Membrane keyboards
  2. Mechanical Keyboard
  3. Wireless keyboard
  4. Foldable keyboard
  5. Ergonomic keyboard

Let me explain some other keyboard types mentioned above so that you will get an exact idea about how a mechanical keyboard is better than other keyboard.

We have discussed about membrane keyboard earlier so I am skipping it here

Wireless keyboard

This is the most popular keyboard type used in India. They come in really affordable prices and people now a days things with less wires. These keyboard basically work with 2.4 Ghz signal or Bluetooth. Also there is another advantage here, these keyboard come in combo with mouse so that you will get a 2 in 1 package

Usually a normal wireless keyboard will have a dongle that you may need to connect to the USB port of your PC or Laptop. This detects the keyboard and mouse making both of them working together with the Laptop or PC. They are usually good but if you go for low budget you will see lags in typing and also the error rate of typing will be more.

Best Wireless Keyboard In India: Dell Km117 Wireless Keyboard Mouse

Dell is a popular brand when it comes to computer accessories. They have all computer parts which are durable and of good quality. When it comes to wireless keyboard then the DELL KM117 is the best selling wireless keyboard in India.

It is a combo package where you get both keyboard and mouse together. It comes with a dongle which you need to connect to the PC or Laptop for it to work. The dongle and the keyboard are connected through the 2.4 Ghz signal.

You get precision typing experience here with good key travel and solid build of the keyboard. The latency is minimum and the error rate while typing on this keyboard is minimum.

It is compatible with all operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux. Also you can use this with Android as well by connecting a USB OTG cable and the provided dongle.

With 1 year of included warranty and good service from DELL, this is one of the best wireless keyboard under 2000 in India that you can buy today.

For bluetooth keyboards thins work a bit different. Bluetooth keyboard does not need any dongle. They need to be paired with you PC or Laptop bluetooth and they start working. Advantages of bluetooth keyboard is that they can be used with 3 or more devices by easy switching. There is no dongle needed here so switching from a PC to Laptop with same keyboard is just a button press.

Foldable Keyboard

These are another category of keyboard that is getting popularity now a days. If you travel frequently then you may need to carry your Laptop around. Laptop itself has a keyboard but some people like a separate keyboard and mouse for the laptop that they are working on. In this case you can get a foldable keyboard that you can use while you are travelling as they can be easily put into a bag.

Best Foldable keyboard in India: Jelly Comb Dual Mode Bluetooth keyboard

Foldable keyboards need to be durable so that they can be folded and unfolded many times. Some foldable keyboard can fold twice which will make them really compact to carry around. This model the jelly comb is a two side foldable keyboard.

It comes with an inbuilt touch pad which you can use a mouse. It also has the left and right click button that you may need while using a mouse

Being a extremely thing and durable design you can easily travel with it. Its really compact that it can fit inside your pocket. You can also connect this bluetooth foldable keyboard to mobile phones and tablets.

This foldable keyboard comes with multi connection options like Bluetooth and USB. You can use it directly by connecting it to USB port of any laptop or PC or you can pair it with bluetooth and use it.

With Bluetooth 3.0 Technology, this keyboard is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. With 560 Hours of use promised on a single charge, this keyboard is the best foldable keyboard In India.

Foldable keyboards are made from Rubberised silicon or plastic material so that they can folded in to half .You can accommodate such keyboards easily inside a backpack and travel. Most of these come with water resistance which make them suitable to use while travel.

They come with standard set of keys as a normal wireless keyboard. Most of the foldable keyboards are wired and also you can find some foldable wireless keyboards

Ergonomic keyboard

These are keyboard that are specifically designed to be very comfortable for typing. They come with certain set of keys grouped and split into two half of the keyboard. They are not that popular but still they are fun to use.

Having a bit of a learning curve to use, these keyboards are not yet that popular with people using PC in the world.

Now that we have checked some mechanical keyboards, let me answer some of the common questions in minds of people.

Is a mechanical keyboard really worth it?

Yes they are, mechanical keyboard are the keyboards which can give you the ultimate typing experience. With an excellent key travel and sturdy build they can last really long. If you are a gamer then a mechanical keyboard could give the best gaming experience that you will expect. Also with RGB lighting, the keyboards can really match with the setup that you have.

The customising options that you get with a mechanical keyboard is great. You can program specific keys to perform specific tasks which is great.

Do pro gamers use mechanical keyboards?

Yes they do. Gaming is a process where you need a lot of accuracy to defeat the opponent. Specially when it comes to Racing as well as Combat games you need quick responses from your keyboard and mouse. Here mechanical keyboard can provide precise inputs which is great in these scenarios.

Also with the customisable keys set specific to perform a task makes gaming much easier. Pro gamers always prefer mechanical keyboard over normal keyboard to reduce the lag as well as quick responses needed in gaming

Which is the best mechanical keyboard?

If you are a pro level gamer and you need the ultimate gaming mechanical keyboard the Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro is the best option available in India today. It is a wireless mechanical keyboard which has great set of features and also build which makes it a good option to consider if you are looking in premium pricing segment.


I’ve compiled a list of some of the best mechanical keyboards available in India. If you type a lot or need a good gaming keyboard, then any of the options listed above will suit your needs. You can choose the best keyboard for your PC experience by taking into account the purpose as well as the price.

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