The Best Office Chair in India

If you are searching for the best office chair in India, then here is the list of options that you should check out. These chairs will be suitable for both work and gaming from home or office.

There are few things that people consider before getting a computer table or office chair. People with back pain need a special type of office chair if they want to work for a long.

The Best Office Chair in India

The best office chair in India for work and gaming


AmazonBasics Low Back Office Chair

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Top Features:

  • Height Adjustment
  • 115KG weight support
  • 360 Degree rotation
  • Wheels for free movement
  • Good quality cloth used

Being from a reputed brand like Amazon, you get excellent build quality and this chair is a value for money product.

It comes with black contoured mesh back which provides excellent support and also air flow so that you do not sweat while sitting on the chair for long.

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With the included seat height adjustment options, you can set the chair height according to your comfort and also the level of the table that you are placing your computer on.

It comes with a 2-Inch thick padded seat which provides excellent comfort for long term seating.

This chair is suitable for a person with 115KG of weight, which is good weight capacity for an office chair at this price range.

When it comes to dimensions of the chair, it has a depth of 22.5 inches and width of 21.5 and the height can range from 30 to 34 inches.

It has the feature of 360-degree rotation which is really comfortable while using the chair in an office so that you can pan around and communicate with your colleagues easily without getting up from the chair.

  • Excellent build
  • Height Adjustment
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Hand rest is needed

Kepler Brooks

Kepler Brooks Reclining Leatherette Office chair

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Top Features:

  • Leather Upholstery
  • 4 Layer Cushion
  • Strong metal legs
  • Leg support
  • 360 Degree rotation

In case you are looking for a premium leather office chair, then there are limited number of good options available in the market.

Leather office chairs provide mode comfort than a traditional office chair.

They come with more cushioning which will suit your body and support your back better even if you sit on it for a long duration.

Kepler is a brand which is considered as one of the best brands for office chairs in India.

They have some quality products available in the market and this model, the Brooks Italia leather chair, is one of their best-selling office chairs.

It comes with soft touch high quality leather upholstery which is flexible and durable

We get a double layer cushion underneath which provides extra support and comfortable felling as it will match your body shape.

We get the same type of soft cushioning on legs, head and neck regions making seating on the chair really comfortable.

With the included class 4 piston you get a 360 degree swivel which makes it easy for the rotation. The metal used here is very durable and strong so that you will get a long life from this chair.

When it comes to height adjustments, you get a lever that you need to pull to change the height.

You also get leg rest on this chair which gives support for your legs as well, making it one of the best office chair in India that you can buy.

If you do gaming and use want to use this as a gaming chair, then the ergonomic design will make you feel right at home for intensive gaming sessions.

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To talk about dimensions, this chair has a height of 111 cm at the base level and when the height is increased to maximum then it can go up to 122 cm which is good for both office and home use.

The seat width that you get in this chair is 55 cm and depth is 55 cm.

  • Excellent build
  • Gaming chair
  • Leg support
  • Price can be low

Casa Copenhagen

Casa Copenhagen High Back Leatherette Office chair

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Top Features:

  • Leather upholstery
  • Durable metal
  • Wooden frame
  • Wheels on legs
  • 360 degree rotation
  • Different color options

Casa is another brand which has some good quality furniture available in Indian market. If you are looking for a made in India office chair, then this is the option to consider.

Made of high density wood, this chair is a well-built chair which can attract people. It comes with a leather upholstery which is flexible and durable and will be able to last really long.

What makes this office chair unique is that it comes with 4 color options that you can consider like black, brown, dark brown and also red and black.

People who have designed their home interiors in a specific color can select this chair as it will match various color themes

With the extra padding that is provided with this chair you will not feel any back pair even sitting for long duration as we get memory form type material which adjust according to your body dimensions.

The same type of soft padding is added to the back and also armrest so that you can place your arm on a soft cushion and stay comfortable. The rated weight capacity of this office chair is 110 KG.

When it comes to seating, people with height of 5 feet to 6 feet can be seated on this without any problem.

  • Wooden frame
  • Strong metal
  • Good After Sales support
  • Leg rest was needed

AmazonBasics Full Back Executive chair

AmazonBasics Full Back Executive Office chair

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Top Features:

  • Leather upholstery
  • Premium Design
  • Soft padding
  • Wheels
  • Strong metal
  • Wooden frame
  • Height adjustment

If you are searching for an executive office chair, then there are limited set of chair that provide quality for the price that we pay.

Amazon Basics have a collection of executive office chairs that you can check out. These chairs will look great in office receptions and meeting rooms.

These type of chairs are usually seen in meeting rooms and also guest houses. It provides a sense of premium feeling to the place that they are placed and are a joy to sit on.

We get a leather upholstery on this chair which is of good quality. The leather used here is combine with PVC to increase the strength of the material.

With the extra padding that is provided on the seat, you get great comfort of long term sitting while doing office work and also gaming.

We get seat height adjustment, with which you can set this chair to the exact height that you need while sitting in front of a table.

Also with the 360 degree swivel that is achieved makes this a perfect office chair.

To talk about the measurements, this chair comes with 29 inch of length and 25 inches of width and height can be varied from 41 to 45 inches according to our comfort.

The weight capacity rating of this chair is 125 KG which is great, You can seat a heavy person on this chair without any issues.

  • Excellent build quality
  • Premium Design
  • Height adjustment
  • Hand rest need more padding

Conference Office chair

Conference Office chair

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Top Features:

  • Sturdy Build
  • Mesh Upholstery
  • Good cushioning
  • 360 degree rotation
  • Strong metal legs

If you do the lot of meetings, and you are searching for the best conference office chair, then this model will be perfect for you.

Conference chairs are common in meeting room of big organizations. They are expected to be of premium quality and comfortable for long meetings

This model comes with an ergonomic design and a heavy-duty frame with co polymer which is really durable even if a huge load is put on it.

The nylon base adds strength to the overall frame, making it one of the best office chair in India that you can buy.

The mesh fabric upholstery makes it really comfortable to sit on as it passed air and reduces sweat on your back on long sitting sessions.

When it comes to loan bearing, this chair can handle loads up to 120 KG, which is a great measure for different people working in office.

Durable casters are added to the metal cylindrical rod at the center which makes the chair to freely swivel in 360 degree.

The high quality metal used produces no noise and smooth rotation while rotating the upper part of the chair.

Wheels used on the base are specially treated with polymer so that they do not scratch the floor while the chair is moved around.

With a design specific to human body, you can sit on this chair very comfortably for long time without any back pain. The arm rests are carefully crafted to match the natural posture of a person sitting on this chair.

If you are searching for the best computer chair India then this should be in the list as you can modify the posture of the chair as you need so that it feels comfortable to sit on while working on computer or playing games.

To talk about dimensions, this chair has a height of 110 cm and a width of 65 cm and a depth of 67 cm.

  • Excellent build
  • Soft Padding
  • Mesh Fabric design
  • Availability is limited

Buyer’s Guide for office chairs

Types of office chair

  • Rotating office chairs
  • Non-Rotating office chair
  • Height adjustable office chair

Rotating office chair

These type of chairs have become popular nowadays. They come with a stable base with rotating seat.

The seat here can rotate in 360 degrees, which is really convenient if you want to communicate with people around you, as you can rotate the chair without standing.

Chairs of this kind are easily available from budget to premium segment.

These chair come with lean feature where you can comfortably sit on the chair and lean backwards giving a complete support to your back, reducing the back pain that you may experience while sitting for a long time.

Non Rotating office chairs

Resembling our traditional chair design, these kinds of chairs are still seen in many offices. They are also liked by people in home, who have designed the interiors specifically to match.

They come in a normal design with 4 legs and won’t have many adjustments to make.

The main advantage of these chairs is that, these can de designed specifically for people’s color choices and materials.

When it comes to features, they are limited, as you cannot rotate these chairs to communicate with the people around.

Height Adjustable Office chairs

These are similar to rotating office chairs that we had discussed above. They are having height adjustment for your seat as well as neck and had rest.

They can be adjusted according to your liking, which makes you really comfortable to sit on.

With different models available they come in a premium price but sitting on them will be very comfortable for long duration work.

Also, when it comes to office chairs with height adjustment, they have good cushioning as well as are durable so that they will last really long.

FAQ on the best office chair in India

Which is the best office chair?

There are many models available in the market when it comes to office chairs.

When it comes to office and computer chairs, you should select an option which provides good padding and also features like leg rest and height adjustment.

For long working hours, the chairs that you sit on should have an ergonomic design and also match your body shape so that it can provide good comfort and avoid back pain.

Kepler Brooks Italia High Back Reclining office chair is one of the best that you can buy if you are searching for a computer chair or a chair for office.

What is the best office chair for sitting long hours?

When it comes to computer or office chairs for sitting long hours, a good cushioned and also a chair with proper padding is needed which will touch all points of our body.

Computer chair should provide a place to rest our had with soft cushioning and also reclining feature is an added advantage here.

For an office chair, 360-degree rotation is a must so that you can communicate with people around you without standing up.

Casa Copenhagen office chair is a good option to consider if you want to sit for long hours and work.

How can I buy an office chair online?

You can buy office chair online from different online stores available. Just search for an office chair in google, and you can find many options and websites listed.

To buy an office chair online, you just need to select an appropriate website like Amazon and search for office chair. Click on the type of office chair that you like and make the purchase.

What is the best cheap office chair?

If you are searching for the best cheap office chair, then the number of options are limited.

Cellbell’s C104 medium-back Fabric Mesh office chair is one of the best cheap office chair that you can find in India.

It comes in mesh fabric that can provide excellent air flow on your back and prevent sweating.

Also with the 360-degree rotation and height adjustment. It is really a great option under cheap office chairs.

Are mesh office chairs better?

Yes, mesh office chairs are good to sit on as they have a mesh back cloth making the air flow possible.

Mesh comes with small holes on the cloth which allows air to pass through, keeping your body cooler from the back.

Non mesh office chair heat up your body from the back as there is no air flow making it uncomfortable to sit on for long time.

Conclusion on the best office chair in India

If you are planning to buy a computer chair or office chair, then you should check the model that will suit your body shape and also the features that it has.

Price is another factor that you need to consider before selecting an office chair. Premium office chairs will give you the most comfort if you sit and work more in computers.

Also while selecting gaming chairs you need to consider the features like head rest, arm rest and also foot rest so that you can make the chair personalized for the best gaming experience.

Hope this article has helped you to make a decision on the same. Share this post if you like it. Thanks for reading it.

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