Tim Cook opens second Apple Store in Delhi, India

Tim Cook opens second Apple Store in Delhi, India

Today Tim Cook, Apple CEO is in Saket, Delhi to open the second Apple Store in India. The first one was opened in Mumbai a few days ago, and it was a celebration within people in Mumbai.

Thousands of people lined up in front of the new Apple Store in Saket Delhi to see Tim Cook and some even touched his feet. Apple is strengthening its feel it India by opening Apple stores in top cities.

The store was filled with Apple fans who came to see the store and also to take a selfie with Tim Cook.

Tim Cook opens second Apple Store in Delhi India today

The store was officially opened at 10AM today, 20th April 2023. Even with a high rush of people, Tim Cook was calm enough and took pictures with people coming to the store.

Newly opened Apple Store in City Walk Saket mall, Delhi is smaller compared to the one opened in Mumbai. It will offer all the services that the Mumbai store would provide.

Complementary drinks were offers to the visitors of the store. The amount of people visiting the store shows the enthusiasm within people for an Apple Store to open in their location.

Apple is expected to open more stores in various cities in India soon to offer the best after sales service and product in hand experience.

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