Tinxy Smart Door Lock Unboxing and Installation

Here you will find all detail about Tinxy Smart Door Lock with WiFi Unboxing and Installation 2023.

Door locks are one of the most important parts of a home to keep you and your investment safe.

Locks are present in all doors in our home, but the main lock that we need to consider to be good is the lock at the main door where we enter and exit.

If your home is an individual building, then there could be multiple doors to enter and exit your home. In the case of an apartment, there will usually be only one door that you need to keep locked.

There are door locks from many brands, but in 2023, smart door locks will become more popular.

tinxy smart door lock unboxing and installation

Online shopping has become one of the primary medium of shopping in our country. The locks from Tinxy can be bought from Amazon and their own website.

I purchased the Tinxy Device Door Lock with Wi-Fi Controller, Sensor and Remote Control and installed it myself.

Installation process is quite simple if you have the right tools that you need to drill holes. First, let’s begin with the Tinxy Smart door lock with Wi-Fi Unboxing and Installation and check what comes in the box.

Tinxy Smart Door Lock Unboxing

The box comes with two other boxes inside, which one has the controller and the other one with the lock and the fitments needed to fix the lock.

Tinxy Smart door lock Unboxing and Installation

The controller shown at the left of the image is a Wi-Fi controller, and this is the thing that makes the lock smart. It can be used to connect with the Tinxy app and lock and unlock the door from anywhere in the world.

Tinxy Smart door lock Unboxing and Installation

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Main Features:

  • Unlock the door from anywhere in the world.
  • Sturdy build Quality
  • Increased Security
  • Door Open/Close status provided
  • Share access to the door lock with family members.
  • Lock is compatible with Alexa and google home
  • Android and iOS compatibility
  • This lock works both online and offline
  • OTP security
  • Notification when family member unlocks
Tinxy Smart door lock Unboxing and Installation

This controller comes with many features that are shown in the image below, which you can read it by your self.

Tinxy Smart door lock Unboxing and Installation

The main feature which is really useful is that you can share the access to your family members which give an additional advantage and keyless entry feature to your home.

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Price is in the budget and this can be considered one of the best smart door lock under, 10000 RS which is well-built and provide all the features that a premium segment door lock provides.

Tinxy lock price

Door Lock Controller

Lets now unbox the controller box and check how it looks.

Tinxy wifi controller
Tinxy lock Wifi controller
Tinxy wifi controller
Back and sides of the Tinxy door lock controller
Controller wiring

The controller box only comes with the controller and the instruction manual that you should read before starting with the installation.

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Door lock Unboxing

The main box comes with the following things.

  • Main door lock assembly
Lock main unit
  • Set of 5 Keys that you can use to unlock the door manually
  • Screws to attach the door lock to the door.
  • External key unlock latch
  • 2 Sensor keys to unlock the door without keys
  • Door sensors.
  • External key section cover
Lock installation
Lock latch

Now that we have unboxed and checked all the available components in the box, in the second part of the Tiny Smart door lock with Wi-Fi Unboxing and Installation we can check how to install the lock on the door.

Process to install Tinxy smart door lock.

This Tinxy smart door lock can be installed in two types of doors.

  • Wooden doors
  • Metal or Iron doors.

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Installing on wooden doors.

Most of the home will have wooden doors in which you can install the Tinxy door lock. For that, you may need some tools if you are doing it your self. I am listing below some of the tools that you may need.

  1. Drill machine.
Bosch drill machine

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I have used a cordless drill, which is really handy for installation. In case if you are getting a cordless drill then you can click here to get it.

2. Holesaw Set

This is the best tool that you can use to create a perfect circular hole on your wooden door that will match the size of the lock.

Hole saw bit

No products found.

Note: Before making the hole on your door. Check the appropriate size of the door lock external key insert component. Select a smaller size of the saw bit to the external unit size to get a better fit.

3. Current tester

4. Wires to make connection depending on the place where you are going to keep the lock and the controller.

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Installing on metal(iron) doors

If you are installing the lock on iron doors, then you may need to weld it to the door for maximum stability.

You can do this be calling a welder to home or if you have a welding machine like the below-mentioned will do it.

iBell welding machine

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I would suggest you use safety gears while using any of the above-mentioned tools, as it dangerous to do it without care.

Now if you have the above things, let’s start with the installation.

Installation Process

Install the internal latch

To begin with the process, we need to screw the internal latch provided in the box to the door frame.

Fixing the tinxy door lock latch

The latch will look like this after installation.

Door latch

Install the door lock main Unit

Now this is the important part which you need to take care of. First, you need to place the main unit with the internal latch and mark the appropriate position to fix the lock.

Keep the lock unit in such a way that the lock rod gets into the latch and settles properly. This should be done keeping the door in the closed position.

Fixing the main door lock unit

You can open the back cover of the door lock unit to mark the screwing position.

After placing the lock in position, mark the places where you need to add screws and also the place where you need to make a hole on the door to attach the outside unit.

You will see a horizontal like spacing in the above image where you need to insert the external unit extension as shown in the image below.

Now create holes as needed using your drill machine.

Drilling hole
Drilling hole on door

After the hole is made on the door. Insert the external unit from the outside of the door. There is an extension provided to the external unit which you need to cut according to the door thickness.

Door lock out side unit
Door lock internal latch

Once you have placed the external unit now add the internal clamp and screw it to the external unit. Here also, the screw that is provided here needs to be cut according to the door thickness.

Internal fitting of tinxy door lock

Now that the external unit is fixed, let’s now fix the main door lock unit on to the door.

Drill appropriate holes on the marking that you had made before for attaching the door lock.

Drilling holes for screws

Once you have made the holes for the screws attach the door lock to the door.

Fixing the door lock

After attaching the lock, it will look like something in the below picture.

Door lock after fixing

As we have attached the door lock to the door, now it’s time to install the door sensors. These sensors are used to notify if the door is left open for long duration.

This you can set in the Tinxy mobile app that we will discuss in later sections.

fixing sensors

Before attaching the door side sensor, make sure that you have connected wires to the sensors which we may need to use to complete the connections.

Tinxy Smart door lock Unboxing and Installation

Make sure you have placed both the sensor units within 1 centimeter distance so that they work. Close the back cover of the lock and we can move onto the next step.

Tinxy Smart door lock Unboxing and Installation

Now, as the fixing of the door lock is complete, we need to do the wiring of the locks.

Wiring and connection

Here you will have 4 wires in total coming from the lock section. Two wires from the sensors and two from the lock.

Now as mentioned in the diagram above on the controller you need to connect the lock wires accordingly.

Points to be noted.

  • First two points should be given to the 220V Supply and you need to do this correctly as wrong connection could damage the controller.
  • The second two points should be connected to the two points of the lock main unit.
  • Third, two points should be used for the switch to open the lock. This is an optional connection. Here you can use a switch that is used for your doorbell which has a spring to it, and it only settles to one position when you leave it.
  • Fourth two points are connected to the door sensors.
Tinxy Smart door lock Unboxing and Installation

You can place the controller in any place according to the length of the wire that you are going to use.

Make sure that the wires go in the direction of the hinge of the door so that they do not hinder the door open and close operation.

After installing the lock and the sensor and doing the wiring, the lock will look like this.

In my installation I have used a cable concealer which will keep the wiring clean and neat.

Tinxy Smart door lock Unboxing and Installation

After you have connected all the wires and placed the controller to a fixed position. Your smart door lock is all set to be used.

Let’s not check different ways that you can use to unlock the door.

Tinxy Smart Wifi Door Lock Unlocking Methods

This lock can be unlocked in 6 different methods.

  1. Using the keys that comes with the lock- 5 Keys are available
  2. Using the sensor keys which has buttons to unlock the door.
  3. Using internal lock button
  4. Using Tinxy mobile app
  5. Unlocking with Alexa or Google Assistant
  6. Using keypad which needs to be attached to the door lock controller.
  1. Unlocking with keys

This is the traditional way that we have been using for ages to unlock any door using keys. You will get 5 keys here in the package that you can use to unlock the door.

Tinxy Smart door lock Unboxing and Installation

2. Unlocking using sensor button keys

You will get two sensor keys in the package that you can use to unlock the door by pressing buttons in the key. This is a simple way to do the unlocking.

You can unlock the door from outside and also from inside.

Tinxy Smart door lock Unboxing and Installation

3. Unlocking with Internal unlock button

In the main unit of the lock you will see the unlock button which you can use to unlock the door. This works by pressing the button in the internal unit of the lock.

Tinxy Smart door lock Unboxing and Installation

4. Unlocking using Tinxy app

Here comes the smart features of the lock. This lock is connected to a controller which can be controlled using the Tinxy app.

You need to go to the Google play store or Apple Appstore and download and install the Tinxy app.

Open the app and you need to sign up using your mobile number and OTP.

After signup is done you will see an interface like this

Here as I have added a lock already, you are seeing it listed but for a new user you won’t have anything shown here.

You should now enable pairing mode in the lock wifi controller. You will see a green LED light blinking on the controller and a reset button to the right.

Press the reset button using any pointed object for 5 to 10 seconds and the green LED will start blinking 1 time a second.

This means the lock controller has entered pairing mode. Now click on the “+” button shown on the app in mobile, and it will find the lock automatically.

Once the setup is complete, the green flashing light on the controller will become stable. Now you will see a lock listed on the home screen of the app.

You can unlock the door by pressing on the switch shown on the lock icon on the app screen.

This app has many other features in settings, which you can change by going to the settings of the lock. Settings can be accessed by clicking the 3 dots shown on the lock icon shown on the app home screen.

Inside settings you can see many options like

  • Firmware update – You will get regular firmware updates.
  • Share – You can share the lock with other family members with their phone number.
  • Pin – You can add access pin to unlock the door when unlocked using the app.
  • Schedule – This comes handy when you need the lock to unlock itself based on time and schedule.
  • Timer
  • Alarm Settings – This feature helps to add a sound tone when the door is left open for long time.
  • Notification – You will get notified when any one else opens the door using the app that you have shared with.
  • Rename the lock
  • Change wifi passsword.

5. Unlocking using Alexa and Google Assistant.

This is a way to control your lock using voice. If you have echo devices in your home and have the Alexa app installed in your phone.

You can unlock the door using voice command like. For this, you first need to add the Tinxy skill to the Alexa or Google Assistant app.

Command used : “Alexa Unlock main door”

Here for additional safetyTinxy has added a passcode support which you need to enable in the settings inside Alexa app and add a passcode.

Tinxy Smart door lock Unboxing and Installation

When you say the command, Alexa will ask for the voice code and then unlock the door.

6. Unlocking using Passcode controller

For this method you need to integrate a passcode controller to the Tinxy Wi-Fi controller which you can set passcode to unlock the door.

This you need to buy separately and integrate with the lock system. I will include the complete process in my next vlog, so please keep a track on this block for future updates.

Tinxy Smart door lock Unboxing and Installation

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Conclusion on Tinxy smart door lock

In my experience, this Tinxy Smart door lock Unboxing and Installation was a great experience.

The lock comes with all the needed attachments and this lock has all the features that we usually get in a high price smart door lock.

Lock is built with solid iron and is very strong and durable. I am using this lock for last 2 months, and it has never failed to work.

It is very responsive, and I have shared the lock with my family members so that they can easily get in and out of the home.

The notification alert system works really well and is instant. You can easily track things with the use of app.

One thing that you need to be careful with this lock is that in case if you forget to take keys, mobile and the sensor keys with you then you may not be able to unlock the door.

For solving this issue I had to integrate the passcode controller which solves this issue easily.

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