Top 9 features of Android 14

Here is the list of top 9 features of Android 14 that will make the experience better on Android phones, including battery life and camera.

Features of Android 14

Google this year has come up with the next version of Android. Since Android 12 there are many changes related to UI has appeared on Android and the Android 14 is expected to be no different. With the material user interface, Android has become more customizable. Android 14 is not a huge upgrade from Android 13 but still, it has many hidden changes which are listed here. If you are eagerly waiting for the OTA upgrade on your phone, then following are the list of top features in Android 14.

Top features of Android 14

Magic compose

Since the start of AI race, Google is adding new features to their platforms. The same is being implemented for Gmail and messaging apps from Google. Gmail now has a feature called “Help me write” which will help in generating mails based on user intent. Similarly, Magic compose is a feature built into Android 14 message app. Users can start writing the message and the content will be generated automatically. This feature will help users to save a lot of time while sending messages.

Once user enter certain words related to the message that he wants to send, many suggestions appear on the screen which they can select and send to the receiver.

Clone Application

This was one of the needed features on Android. Even though brands like Samsung, Realme, Oppe and OnePlus have their own version of this feature, it was expected by Android users for long time. Using the App cloning feature, users can have two separate versions of the same app in one phone. For example, users who have WhatsApp on their primary number can have another WhatsApp version installed and use on their secondary sim if they have a dual sim phone.

There are third party apps which help to clone apps, but have it on native Android will make things easier.

Photo Picker

When ever you install an app on older versions of Android, the app asks for permission to access your photo library. This was a security concern for many people, as the application can access all photos on your phone. To avoid this, Android 14 brings a new feature called photo picker. This will limit apps from accessing all photos in your phone and limit the access to certain photos which users can select.

This feature is not yet enabled on all the apps that need permission to access photos, but soon it will be added to all apps on Android.

Better Battery life and Camera improvements

Each version of Android brings changes to camera and battery life. Usually we see some improvements in battery life and camera processing. QoL improvements are expected in every Android version upgrade. With Android 14 also, these changes are available. As per Google, Android 14 will provide better battery life in phones by reducing any unwanted background battery usage.

When it comes to camera, specifically for Pixel devices from Google, Android 14 will make the photography better. In Android 14 the processing time for photos will be reduces so that users can capture pictures faster. These changes will be first available on Pixel devices launched in Google I/O 2023 like the Pixel 7A and Pixel Fold. Also, other pixel devices like the Pixel 7 series with Tensor G2 chip will have camera improvements.

Cinematic Wallpaper, Emoji and AI

Since the introduction of Material you from Google, the interface of Android has become very customizable, as the icons and theme of the interface change based on the wallpaper color. With Android 14 Google is taking the Material you to another level by including AI and Emojis to the wallpaper.

The user can now select their favorite Emojis and the Ai will create a wallpaper based on that. Process to do this was shown on the Google I/O event. Using AI, users can generate any form of wallpaper by providing certain words as input. Wallpapers generated using this process will be completely unique to the device that you use.

Customizable lockscreen

This is another feature that people were waiting for long. Apple has already introduced this feature and when it comes to Android, there are many third party apps which can help you do this. With Android 14, Google is adding it as a native feature. Now users can customize the lock screen by adding widgets, font, clock style and the entire look of the lock screen as needed.

With this feature, the user can make the phone more personal. Users can also add app shortcuts to the lock screen, which will help to open most used apps instantly. More features will be added to this with stable version of Android 14.

Find my device

In Android 14, Google has made changes to the UI of find my device. Apple is having this feature from beginning and Google is adding additional feature to the find my feature with Android 14. Now find my device on Google will support more devices.

This includes devices like Tile and other Android device that you are using. It will help to track your devices more easily

Feature to prevent Tackers

Google has given importance to this feature on Android 14. Working with Apple, Google has added many improvements making tracker prevention better. Having this will help users to know if any tracking device is present near you. Tracker prevention will help to increase your privacy and security.

FAQ on Android 14 Features

Which devices will get Android 14?

Pixel devices are expected to the latest features on Android 14. Presently Android 14 is in beta state and by fall this year, Android 14 stable version will be released. Phones with Tensor G2 processor will get the update first and later on other OEMs will release the update to their devices. Samsung phones will also receive this update.

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