Why is MacBook battery health important?

The battery capacity of any gadget determines how long it will last when not connected to the charger. Portable gadgets like laptops, smartphones, and bluetooth earbuds have built in batteries, and over time, the capacity tends to degrade. This is based on certain factors that we will check below. Keeping this in mind, today we will discuss how to find the Macbook battery health. This will apply to the entire MacBook lineup, starting with the earlier MacBooks and ending with the latest M2 MacBook Pro.

What is battery health in MacBook?

Battery health as the name suggest is the value to determine the degradation of the battery inside your MacBook overtime. Initially when the MacBook that you buy is new, the battery capacity would be 100% but in time it degrades. This can be due to overuse of the battery, like people like to use their laptops away from the charger as they feel more comfortable with it.

macbook pro battery health

Factors that affect battery health

  1. Heat
  2. High cycle count
  3. Improper charging

The above mentioned are a few points that may damage your MacBook pro battery and reduce its health to a large extent.


This is one of the major enemies to MacBook or any laptops battery life. People who work in hot environment may notice this soon. If you keep the laptop under sun and work then the battery charge gets reduced faster compared to using the same laptop in a cold place. Using the laptop regularly in hot environments will kill the battery soon.

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Tip: To avoid over heating of battery and keep the battery health of your MacBook better for long, try using the MacBook in shades or in cool environment.

High cycle count

What is a cycle count? To tell about this we need to think of a scenario. Consider that you have a new MacBook and when you start using it, you will connect it to a charger and once it reaches 100% you would disconnect the charger. At this point your MacBook is running in battery power.

As you start using it more, the battery percentage starts dropping and when it reaches around 50% you connect the laptop to the charger again. In this case charge reduced to 50 percent and you are trying to charge it back to 100% again.

Now once it reaches 100% again, you disconnect the charge and use it to 50% of battery. In this case you have done one cycle of battery charge as total charge that has passed through the battery is 100%.

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Each MacBook battery is rated for 1000 charge cycles until its total charge storing capacity reaches 80%. When it goes below 80% then it is considered that you need to change the battery for a new one.

Improper charging

People who don’t care about battery health in their MacBook initially are not worried about battery health. They keep over using the battery. It is considered that if a battery falls below 20% and then it is charged to 100% in a stretch, the battery will degrade faster.

Mac OS usually has control over this as it does not allow a battery to charge to its brim but still overtime it would degrade the battery.

Tips to maintain your MacBook battery health

  1. Avoid charging your battery to 100% all the time if you are at home, It would be better to keep the battery charge maximum to 80% the time so that the degrading would be in a much slower rate. Once in a while you can charge to 100% but not all the time.
  2. Use the MacBook in a cool place. Avoid direct sunlight falling on the laptop which will overheat the laptop and also the battery. This will degrade the battery soon.
  3. Reduce charging cycles. This also helps a lot in maintaining the battery for long. If there is low charging cycles on the battery then the fall in its charge storing capacity will be slower.

How to check the MacBook battery health

Every MacBook will have the same process to follow to determine its battery health.

  • Turn on your MacBook Pro or Air.
  • Once you have reached the home screen, click on the apple logo at the top left of the screen.
apple menu in macbook
  • One you click on the Apple icon a menu will appear and you need to click on “About this Mac” button.
macbook settings
  • Here you will get a window showing the MacBook serial number and a “More Info” button.

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  • Click on the “More Info” button
  • You will see the settings window open.
system report
  • Scroll down and click on the “System Reports” button.
  • You will be shown with the details reports of all things related to your MacBook.
all system settings
  • In the side menu there will be an option called “power” click on it.
  • Here you will see all details on battery of your MacBook.
macbook battery health
  • You will be able to see the battery cycle count as well as the battery health of the MacBook remaining.
macbook battery health


If you maintain the battery properly and also keep avoiding the things that I had mentioned earlier in this section, you will be able to get a long battery life from your MacBook pro or Air. Keeping a good battery health on your MacBook will reduce the expenses as well that you may need to do on battery replacement.

Hope this post helped you in knowing about MacBook battery and the things to follow to keep MacBook battery run longer.

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