Validity and Pricing of Jio Prepaid plans with 40 GB free data

Here are some details on the validity and pricing of Jio Prepaid plans with 40 GB free data. Jio has also come up cricket specific plans.

Jio Prepaid plans with 40 GB free data

Jio is one of the most popular telecom operator in India. They have a variety of 4G and 5G plans for prepaid users. Now we have a few plans with which Jio is providing 40 GB free data for prepaid users. In this IPL season, this addition of free data will make people excited to watch cricket matches on the go.

Specific plans like the Jio cricket plan provide 3 GB data every day and with the inclusion of 40 GB data, users can watch full matches on mobile. This is a limited time offer and people can grab it as earlier as possible with the following prepaid plans on Jio.

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Jio Prepaid plans with 40 GB free data

Following are the details on the specific plans from Jio that have free 40 GB bundled. The 219 Rupees plan, 399 Rupees plans and the 999 Rupees plan come with this offer and can be availed once you recharge.

219 Rs Prepaid Plan from Jio

This is one of the most popular plan in Jio which offers 3 GB data every day. Validity of this plan is 14 days and users can send 100 messages with unlimited calls. With the added 40 GB, users will get 2 GB additional every day. This additional data offer is worth 25 Rupees.

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399 Rs Prepaid Plan from Jio

Like the 219 Rupees plan, 399 Rupees plan from Jio also offers 100 SMS every day and unlimited calling. Other than that, this plan also comes with 3 GB data every day for 28 days. There will an additional data of 6 GB which is worth 61 Rupees with this plan.

999 Rs Prepaid Plan from Jio

This plan provides 84 days of validity and also offers 100 SMS per day. Also, user get unlimited calling and 3 GB data every day. With the new offer from Jio, the 999 Rupees plan users can get 40 GB additional data which is worth 241 Rupees.

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Jio Cricket add-on plans

With the above-mentioned plans with free data, Jio is also bringing plans specific for you cricket lovers. Some plans which are specific for cricket are 222 Rs, 444 Rs and 667 Rs. The 222 Rupees plan offers 50 GB of data, 444 Rupees plan offers 100 GB of data and 667 Rupees Plan offers 150 GB of data.

When it comes to validity, the 444 Rupees plan offers 60 days validity and the 667 Rupees plan offer 90 days validity.

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