10 Best ways to watch movies Bollywood online

People like watching movies, and they are one of the primary way of entertainment because movie help us to spend time. Usually we watch latest movies by going to a theater and booking a ticket, but nowadays due to the pandemic situation theaters are closed and movie watching in theaters is not possible. The only option is to see online content. So here I will share some ways to watch movies Bollywood online.

Bollywood movies are popular word wide and in India as well because Bollywood produces some great movies that have good stories, action and Drama.

I would say old Bollywood movies were known for their scripts and action compared to the newer one. Songs in Old movies were great and worth listening. But new movies are more into graphics and effects, which are good to see and spend time. You can watch movies free online in Bollywood and also in any other language in India now as there are many options.

Some OTT platforms also known as Over the top media platforms are providing free streaming of certain movies as well.

Here I have added some free and paid OTT platforms that you could use to watch movies online Bollywood

Lets start with the free options first.

Steaming content online is a difficult task because movies usually have large size and the resolution that we play movies will be in full HD or 4k. Lower than an HD resolution won’t be that great to watch movies.

The main thing that you need to consider before going to watch movie sites online is that you need a good network connection with unlimited bandwidth; otherwise, your limit will get reached soon, and you won’t be able to watch the movie fully.

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Best ways to watch movies Bollywood online

1. MX player- Free platform watch Bollywood movies online

MX player is a mobile app as well as web based application that you can use to watch movies Bollywood online. It has a wide range of movie collection and the main advantage of MX player is that it’s free service, so you can watch movies for free online with MX player.

mx player watch movies bollywood online

It also has contents in different languages like English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Telugu and so on. The problem here is you may need to see advertisements in between the movies as you see in a normal TV channel when movies are played. You can find MX player app in Google Play Store as well as in the URL: www.mxplayer.in

Now, this I feel is a very good option if you want to watch movies free in various languages online.

MX player also has

  • Webshows
  • Music
  • Live TV as well

So it’s an all-in-one service for all your entertainment needs if you are looking to watch movies through an OTT platform.

2. VOOT -Free platform to watch Bollywood movies online

VOOT is another free OTT platform that you can use for movie watching and entertainment. Using VOOT also, you can watch movies in most popular India languages.

voot watch movies bollywood online

Being a free service it provides wide range of movie collections in languages like Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and all popular languages. Compared to MX player, I personally felt that VOOT can be considered as a better site to watch movies in Hindi online. As the app is free, you can stream your favorite Bollywood movies through the mobile app or through the website as well. You just need to visit the site

URL: https://www.voot.com or you can check the app in Google Play Store as well

After doing this, you are ready to go and watch your favorite movies online.

Now if you are not liking the movies listed in above OTT services there are other good platforms where you can watch online Bollywood movies.

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3. Disney+ Hotstar

This has become one of the popular OTT platform to watch movies online in India. This platform is having wide range of latest movies available, but the problem here is that you cannot watch movies for free here as there is a premium subscription to be paid


You can watch limited set of movies freely but the recent and the hit movies come under VIP or premium plan for that you may need to make payments in monthly basis or in yearly plans.

Plan Details

Monthly plan – 299 Rs

Yearly plan – 1499 Rs

But I would say that Disney+Hotstar is having some of the best collection of movies of all times. It has wide range of movies in various languages like English, Hindi, Tamil , Telugu, Kannada and so on. You can access hotstar web by following the link below.

URL: https://www.hotstar.com/ or you can check out their mobile app in google play store or appstore.

If you want to watch new movies online, then I would suggest getting an affordable plan so that you could watch some latest hits in the comfort of your home. Also, you can see the latest IPL and cricket tournaments from home itself if you have a Hotstart premium subscription.

4. EROS NOW Bollywood movies

This is another popular online streaming service that you could use to watch movies online, Bollywood. Eros now has a wide range of collection in Bollywood movie segment, and it has some classics as well. If you want to watch classic Bollywood movies in Hindi, then Eros Now is a great option.

eros now

It also has other options like music videos, animated series and kids entertainment section which is very good.

Eros Now is not a free streaming service, and you may need to pay some amount to watch movies in Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada and many other languages it supports.

Plan details:

  1. 49 Rs for 1 month
  2. 79 Rs for 3 months
  3. 399 Rs for 1 year

The plan in Eros now are a bit more affordable, but I found that in case if you want to watch the best movies Hollywood then the collection is limited.

Here also you have a website or mobile app that you could use to watch content.

URL: https://erosnow.com/ or you can install their mobile app from Google Play Store or App Store.

5. ALT Balaji watch Bollywood movies online

ALT Balaji is another popular service for watching movies online. It covers mostly regional movies and good amount of classic movies as well. You can watch movies Bollywood online here by paying a subscription fees, which I fell is worth it.

watch movies bollywoood online altbalaji

The collection of movies available here are diverse, and the fee charges is less.

Plan details:

  • 100 for 3 months
  • 300 for 1 year

ALT Balaji streaming service can be accessed through the following URL

URL: https:// https://www.altbalaji.com/movies

6. Netflix

This is.a very popular platform for watching media online. Netflix is known worldwide for quality content that they have in their portal. Netflix covers various languages like English, Hindi, Tamil Malayalam and so on and also languages like Portuguese, German and all. But in Netflix you will find Hollywood movies more compared to the Indian movies. There are good amount of Bollywood movies. This is a paid service and the Pricing is on a higher side.


But for the price paid, you will get some good quality content on Netflix. You can watch movies in Netflix by taking the following plans that they have.

Plan details:

  • 199 per month- This plan is for mobile
  • 499 per month – This plan is for TV
  • 699 Rs
  • 799 Premium

Being a bit on the pricier side, Netflix provides some of the best content that you were to watch. You cannot watch movies for free in Netflix until you take a plan. You can take a 30 days free trial in Netflix that you could use if you are a new member. In the 30 days trial, you can watch movies in Netflix for free, after which you will be charged.

You can access their web and mobile app from Google play store and and Apple app store.

URL: https://www.netflix.com/in/

Prime videos service from Amazon has got a lot of popularity in India as it has the lot of classic Indian movies and which you can watch. In 2020 most of the newly released movies are being streamed through Amazon Prime Video which makes this service a go-to option if you are a movie lover.

7. Amazon Prime Video for Bollywood movies

Amazon Prime Video is a service according to me have the best collection of Indian movies also it has movies from all languages like Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali, Punjabi and so on. They have some popular web series and Amazon originals as well that you should watch and are really entertaining.

Some of the popular Amazon originals that you can watch are

amazon prime video
  • Comicstaan
  • Bandish Bandits
  • Breathe: Into the shadows
  • Bahubali: The lost legends
  • Suits Season 9
  • Panchayat

This is a short list, but you can find a lot of good content in Amazon Prime Video. There is a subscription plan that you need to use for watching these content, but according to me, it’s one of the affordable plans that you can get.

Plan Details:

  • 99 Per month
  • 599 – 6 months
  • 999 yearly plan

Now the advantage of subscribing to Amazon Prime Video service is that you can also shop from Amazon.in as a prime member, and you will get all the benefits

You can check Amazon prime video from the following URL.

URL: https://www.primevideo.com/ also you can download their app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

The above-mentioned are some of the best online streaming services where you can watch movies Bollywood online.

If you are looking for more options following are some more.

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8. Zee5

ZEE network is known for a long time in INDIA and this is their online platform where you can watch movies online. Here you have some free content that you can watch, and most of the other content you may need to pay money.


Plan details:

  • 99 for 1 month
  • 599 – 6 Months plan
  • 999 – Yearly plan

You can get zee5 by accessing the URL: https://www.zee5.com/movies

Other streaming services are Sony Liv and Viu which are also good but if you are a person who want to watch movies Bollywood online or looking to watch movies for free online then you should try the above-mentioned platform which have some nice collection of movies that can take your entertainment to another level.


Here I have tried to categorize some OTT platforms where you can watch movies Bollywood online so that you can select the best one for you. All are good in their place, but I found the Amazon Prime Video to the best of the lot as it had a wider range of movie collection in various languages and also most recent movies were launched in Amazon Prime Video.

In the Pricing department as well, the Amazon service was descent.

If you have to add anything more to the list, please send it through comments so that I could include in my next post about the same.

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