WhatsApp GIF Autoplay feature plays GIF file automatically inside chat

GIF files can now automatically play inside WhatsApp chats without you even opening it with the newly added WhatsApp GIF Autoplay feature.

As we know from recent releases, WhatsApp is coming up with many features for its users which are really useful. Recently, they released the Chat Lock feature to the beta testers, which created a buzz on the internet. Similarly, features like transferring chats from one phone to another without the use of Google Drive makes using the app easier.

Source: Wabetainfo

Now they have come up with another feature called GIF autoplay, and this was mentioned in the Wabetainfo blog. With this, all the GIF files that you send will play automatically without you even opening the file. If you are a WhatsApp beta tester having the beta version of WhatsApp for Android then it will be already available. You can confirm this by sending a GIF file through the chat to another person.

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The GIF file only plays if you tap on it earlier, with this change, all the GIF will play while you scroll through the chat. According to WhatsApp, it will provide a better communication experience. One thing to note here is that once the GIF plays for a time, to replay it you may need to tap on it again.

Integrated with other features that were released earlier, the autoplay for GIF will make it a better experience. When we see this feature it may feel as a bug, but it’s an added feature which will go live soon.

For now, WhatsApp GIF Autoplay feature is available for beta testers who can download the app from Google Play Store and is expected to be rolled out to more people in coming days.

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