WhatsApp Polls feature updates and now users can add captions while sharing images and documents

Here are the details on WhatsApp Polls feature updates and now users can add captions while sharing images and documents.

WhatsApp is releasing a lot of useful features to its users recently, and some are long due. Recently we got update on features like side by side view for tablets, using same WhatsApp account on multiple phones etc. Today we got an update on a WhatsApp Poll feature that is rolling out worldwide. Polls in WhatsApp was launched on November 2022 and with the recent update we will get some new additions to it.

WhatsApp Polls feature updates
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What are the new changes to WhatsApp Polls feature

Now using the polls feature, people can create single vote polls which is a welcome change. Also, now users can search for specific polls in a chat. In addition to these, users can stay updated on the poll results.

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Single poll feature: Using this feature now, people could create a poll that can be voted only once. This is an added advantage and people can gather feedback from a group or communities easily. Since this feature was launched last November, people were able to create polls easily. Earlier, people who respond to the polls can provide multiple responses, but now this can be turned off while creating a poll and make it to a single response from one person.

Search in polls: This was a necessary feature and now with the recent update it is going to be available for all users. Using search in polls, a user can find a specific poll that they have created and shared. Also, user can filter all the messages by polls easily.

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Stay updated on polls feature: With this feature, the person who has created the poll can stay updated on the result and also will get notified when people respond to the polls. Using this, we can count the number of responses or votes received. All these feature will really come handy for people who are into this.

How to add captions while sharing images and documents in WhatsApp

This option is not new, but it has been updated with some changes. Users are forwarding images and documents through WhatsApp for long time now, but there were some limitations as the existing captions of the image or the document could not be updated. With the recent update, users can either keep the original caption or delete the caption. Also, now there is a feature to edit and write a new caption, which is good to have.

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With the new update, users can now add captions to videos as well. Adding new captions to documents is a really handy feature to have for people who share a lot of documents through WhatsApp.

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