WhatsApp users can use Username instead of mobile number

WhatsApp being one of the most used IM app presently is bringing some handy features to the app recently. Since the beginning, WhatsApp users need a mobile number to create an account but now, like other social media app, WhatsApp is planning to implement username instead of mobile numbers.

whatsapp username instead of mobile  number

This will make it easy to share the contact details to others as well. Usernames are much easier to be remembered compared to mobile numbers. It could be one of the major upgrades from WhatsApp.

According to the recent post from Wabetainfo this feature will be rolled out to users in stages. Presently this feature is under development and the beta users will get to test this feature. If you are a beta tester on WhatsApp and have the version downloaded, then you can have a sneak peek of this upcoming feature.

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To check out this feature, you can visit the profile section inside settings of your WhatsApp account. Since testing has not started on the username feature, it’s not yet clear on how it will work. We will get more updates on this soon.

whatsapp username
Source: Wabetainfo

For long time, users had issue with privacy when they shared numbers with unknown people and get a lot of spam messages. With the addition of username login, the privacy and security will improve.

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We need more clarity on other settings that we will get with this feature, like hiding username and other details for specific contacts. This will being improvements to group communications as well. Presently as phone numbers are shown in groups, other people will have access to all numbers but with the addition of usernames, this issue will be solved.

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