Will iPhone 15 have USB-C or Lightning port?

Will iPhone 15 have USB-C or Lightning port? It’s a question that people will have in their mind. Below are the details on it.

This has been a rumor for long, as if Apple will be switching to USB-C for their iPhone. USB-C being a norm for phones in the market. It would be a great move by Apple to follow the same.

They have already switched to USB-C in their iPads and MacBook, but they are keeping their silence on doing the same with iPhones. As September is right around the corner, we can expect the launch of iPhone 15. As per the European Union regulations, Apple could bring a change in the charging point of iPhones from now.

iPhone 15 have USB-C

There is a high chance that the iPhone 15 this year could be the first iPhone with USB-C port. There are a list of advantages if Apple brings this change in the next versions of iPhone.

Advantages of having USB-C port in iPhone 15

USB-C is common nowadays and most Android phones have it. Even we can charge a laptop using the USB-C. If you are a person using various Apple products like the latest iPads, MacBook then with the introduction of USB-C in iPhone 15, you may need to carry only one cable with you to charge all the devices.

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It is convenient and also USB-C cables available in all electronics shops makes it easy to find one even if you lose it or forget it while you travel.

Will iPhone 15 have USB-C?

This is a million-dollar question in the mind of tech enthusiast and reviewers. It would be a welcome change for most of the people. As the design process for iPhone 15 has started, Apple had created a design of iPhone with USB-C recently but has not yet finalized it. It was the latest update till March of this year.

iPhone being their flagship product, making a change to the charging could have a lot of impact. We know that Apple still sell lightning accessories separately, like the charging cable. Also, there may be case where the orders for lightning port for next iPhones are already placed and changing the port to USB-C at the final moment would be a loss to the company.

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Apple is a company which does not like depending on 3rd party manufactures more and for the USB-C ports in iPhones, they may need to do just that. To avoid this, they are working on wireless charging technology.

Recently we had rumors of port less iPhones. It would be a huge step to take, but that change is coming soon. With the improvement in their MagSafe charging, Apple will slowly start thinking about a port less and a button less iPhone.

Tweet from URedditor gave a snap of the iPhone with USB-C. Once we get close to September, there will be confirmation on this change if it’s going to happen.

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