Windows 11 Phone link support now available for iPhones

Windows 11 Phone link support now available for iPhones which will help iPhone users to access their calls, messages, contacts and photos using their Laptop or PC.

Phone link was available from long back on Android phone and now Microsoft has released this features for iPhone as well. Using this feature, Windows 11 users can link their iPhone to Windows laptops or PC and access phone calls, SMS and Contacts.

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To access photos in your iPhone, users can integrate iCloud to Windows phone link. Features for iPhone users are limited yet, but it will be available soon. This being a rollout in phases, features like access to iPhone photo gallery will be available when further upgrades to the app are available.

Microsoft had mentioned that the full rollout will happen by May and all the features that are presently available in Android will come to iPhones as well.

How to use Windows phone link in iPhone and Android

To find phone link in your Windows 11 laptop, just go to search and enter “Phone Link”.

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Once the app opens, you will be shown with all the steps that are needed to be followed to set it up.

You can find all details regarding the Windows phone link in Microsoft website. One thing you need to check out is that if your PC or laptop is upgraded to latest version of Windows.

Which iPhone will support Windows Phone link

Phone link for Windows 11 is being rolled out now and will soon be available with the latest update. If your iPhones is running any version from iOS 14 to iOS 16, it will have the support for the phone link.

Basic requirements for Phone link to work are the following.

  • iPhone with iOS 14 or later
  • Windows 11 Laptop or PC
  • Bluetooth’s connection between iPhone and Windows PC
  • Phone link app downloaded.

For now, we do not have any update on the phone link support for other iOS and macOS devices, but it should be available in the future.

What can you do with Windows 11 Phone link in iPhones?

  • Check messages in your iPhone
  • Access contact list
  • Check photos and videos from photos app (This feature will be rolled out for iPhones by May)

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