Windows 11 Release date in India and latest updates

Windows is the wide used operating system in the world. More people use Windows as the main OS compared to any other available OS. This year Microsoft will be launching the latest version of windows 11 in a keynote happening this month of June. Windows 10 being an OS which was hugely liked by people, we have high expectations with Windows 11. The Windows 11 ISO screenshot was leaked online earlier which give a brief idea on what can be expected with the latest version of Windows 11. Here I have tried to provide the Windows 11 Release Date in India and Updates with the information gathered.

Windows 11 Release date in India

News on Windows 11 Release date in India and latest updates

Windows 11 Release date

Microsoft has scheduled the launch date of Windows 11 in an event happening on June 24th. In the recent leak online which gave an idea on how the new version of windows will look like. In the China Baidu website there were some screen shots added which shows the Windows 11 UI updates and the new task bar. The leak also shared the Windows 11 ISO online. This ruined the surprise that we were expecting int he launch even of windows 11.

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Windows 11 Download and Install ISO leaked online

In the recent leak of windows 11, Many users were able to download and install the latest version of windows with the ISO file. People shared the changes that we are getting with Windows 11.

Main Updated in Windows 11

  • Newly revamped UI
  • New taskbar design
  • Updated Start Menu
  • Many changes in looks

Windows 11 Features explained

Windows 11 Release date in India and latest updates

The UI changes give a new look to the Windows 11. If you have used Windows 10X earlier, then this change won’t be that big. The biggest change here appears in the new taskbar which now resembles Mac OS Monterey. The icons are placed in the center as the dock in the mac. New logo and the taskbar looks much cleaner and sleek now compared to Windows 10.

These are the most basic changes, let me tell you in detail.

Features expected in Windows 11

1.The blue logo of the Windows 11 replaces the trapezoid design of the Windows 10. This will be a welcome change as we are seeing the same logo for long now.

2. Other than the sharp and square Windows logo, all other UI elements in Windows 11 are rounded. With the center star menu and app icons stacked together, it gives a new look that we have not experienced as a Windows user.

3. The layout of the apps are now changed which is much more easy to track them compared to the cluttered versions earlier. With the integrated search option in the start menu in a small section, it consumes very less space compared to the Windows 10 search that we had.

4. File explorer remains similar compared to Windows 10 with some tweaks here and there. Most of the core UI remains the same like Settings page.

5. The main change comes with the front end UI and the newly added wallpapers that look sleek. If you download windows 11 once it’s released officially you will be treated with a new setup flow which will give you a new and better experience compared to the previous versions of windows. Also Microsoft has changed the boot sound this time which is refreshing to hear.

6. Widgets is another area where you will see changes in this version of windows. You will get a dedicated widget button on the start menu which will open the widget tray. You can add and customize the widget section as per your need.

7. A new version of keyboard is expected with Windows 11, which may not have much changes other than somethings related to looks.

8. Microsoft has added some multi window functionality to Windows 11. Its called as Snap which enables to arrange windows side by side so that you can get a collection of different apps and pages on a single screen.

9. Even with the number of limited apps, you will get a new version of the Appstore that we have now in the present Windows. Commerce applications will be added to the new app store and Microsoft is adding provisions to developers so that they can submit their apps to the Windows App store.

Windows 11 Wallpaper Download

You can find a glimpse to some of the Windows 11 Wallpaper below

Windows 11 Release date in India

As the event is scheduled next week, we will get the exact date about Windows 11 release date in India. We will get all details related to changes and features included to the latest version of windows in the Launch event happening on June 24th 2021.

How to watch the Windows 11 Keynote India

To watch the launch of the Windows 11 Release Date in India and Updates , you can head over to the Microsoft youtube channel on June 24th 2021, the scheduled time is 8:30 PM in India when you will get Windows 11 release details as well as a full idea on the latest version of windows.


Being the most popular desktop operating system, people are waiting for an updated to the tried and tested windows 10 for long. With the latest launch Microsoft will be providing a much better experience to its users with Windows 11.

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