Best WordPress plugins for SEO in 2024

Ranking in search results like google or Bing is a dream come true for most of the people. Some people really work hard, but their pages do not rank due to lack in search engine optimization or due to poor internal linking. So here, let’s check 5 best WordPress plugins for SEO 2023.

WordPress is a very popular platform for creating a website in an easy and effective way. The biggest advantage of WordPress is that you get lot of plugins that you can use to modify your website as you need. No other platform is available that has this many options and plugins which could help to create websites and contents in a simple way as WordPress does.

In case you are not knowing about plugins on WordPress, then you might be new or a beginner to the website building process. You can install plugins into WordPress easily just by searching for your need.

wordpress plugins for SEO

In that menu you can click on Add New button which will take you to the plugin installation page where you can search for any plugin you want.

install wordpress plugins for SEO

There you will see a search box that you can search for the plugins that I am going to mention below so that you can try them out.

Note: After installing the plugin you need to activate it so that you can set it up.

As SEO is an important factor to rank in web, I thought of sharing some nice plugins that you can use.

Choosing the wordpress SEO plugins for SEO

So in the beginning, when you create a WordPress website, the onboarding flow will ask you to install some plugins that could help to make your website better.

There you will see a plugin called Yoast SEO which is suggested during the process. If you have not selected it while setup then let’s start with the Yoast SEO plugin which is the first and most important plugin that you may need to make SEO better.

Yoast SEO plugin

We have many SEO plugins in the WordPress plugin section but Yoast is one of the popular one and most of the WordPress users will be knowing it. There are other popular plugins like Rank Math SEO plugin, All in one SEO and so on.

But the Yoast we are looking here now. Being an SEO plugin, its main work is to make your website SEO friendly.

For a good Search you need a good Title, Meta description and your slug should be good so that the permalink that is generated is also good.

Yoast SEO plugin provides all the assistance that you need in each page that you create in your website to add a good title and description.

It also checks the number of words that you may need for good post or page and how your pages and post should be interlinked so that you will get a good SEO when you add your website in webmaster tools.

yoast seo plugin

In Yoast SEO plugin, you can also configure what you want to show in search results and block other things that you need to avoid.

Another thing that you need to appear in search result is adding your website to webmaster tools of Google, Bing or any other search engine

XML sitemaps: Yoast SEO plugin helps to create XML sitemaps that are the blueprint of our website. This sitemap will have all the details and links of our website pages so if we add it to webmaster tools the crawlers can find the content of your website and add it to search.

Webmaster tools: Yoast SEO has a webmaster tools section where you can add the tag that you get from any webmaster tools while trying to add a website to search console. By entering the tag, you can verify the property ownership and your site will appear in the search results.

The two steps above are the primary factors for adding your site and getting good SEO.

If you want to know how to setup yoast SEO plugin then you can read our article on the same which will give you step by step process to do it effectively.

Accelerated mobile pages for SEO

Nowadays most of the people browse web in their mobile phone as they are handy devices and are powerful enough to handle any tasks. When you create a website, the mobile version is a must nowadays for good SEO rankings. In case if your website is not having a good design when it loaded in mobile, then google will not crawl it and your website won’t appear in search results.

Accelerated mobile page plugin will help you to set up pages and post in such a way that it will load faster in mobile phones compared to a non AMP setup website. This will help the page easier to appear in search results and will get more traffic.

accelerated mobile pages plugin

This plugin has a free version as well as a premium version, but the free version of the tool itself is having the lot of options and I would recommend to use free version only for beginners. Paid version of this plugin has features like themes for mobile pages, which is not that important.

In case you want to configure Accelerated mobile pages in your website, visit our post on the same so that you can get detailed idea on how to set up and use it in your website.

Google XML sitemap plugin for SEO

This is another plugin that could help you to add sitemap of your site to webmaster tools. This is pretty fast plugin, and it will help to create sitemap easily. You can create a sitemap based on your preference and also set up the pages that you want to add to the sitemap.

This plugin has some handy options like how often you make changes in your website or post, and you can intimate this to the crawlers so that they can visit your site to crawl the content.

Google XMl sitemap

Google XML sitemap is a free plugin that you should use. In case if you have Yoast SEO plugin then you do not need this. But in my experience you can use both together, which makes a good deal. You should turn off sitemap in Yoast SEO so that it does not conflict.

WP optimize

Optimizing your website to load it faster in web as well as mobile is needed as it will help user to stay more on your website and google also like it. All websites will have cached, which you need to clear regularly so that you can remove old content and junk posts as well.

Your website will become faster if the content in the website or page are preloaded in the RAM of your server so that the server could show the content easily.

WP optimize provides some good options to make the site speed better.

Basically it provides these options that you can use.

  • Optimize database tables
  • Clean all post revisions
  • Clean all auto-draft posts
  • Clean all trashed posts
  • Remove spam and trashed comments
  • Remove unapproved comments

These options come really handy, and the plugin automatically optimizes your website and its speed.

Click on this link to check out WP optimize.

Other options that it provides are

Wp optimize plugin

Image optimization: The plugin helps to compress your image without losing its quality so that the images load in a faster rate when user accesses the website.

It also has some premium options like lazy load images where the images only load when user scrolls to that page of the page. This will help to reduce the number of requests to the server and making your website to load faster.

Page caching is another options where your page details are prefetched in the server and the page loads in a faster rate.

There are many other handy options available with the WP optimize plugin which could help to improve your website.

Asset CleanUp: Page Speed Booster

As we know, if we have designed our page with a lot of elements added to it, there will be a lot of request going to the server when it loads. We need to remove any unwanted server request so that the page loading times will reduce, and you can rank faster in Google.

This Asset Cleanup plugin helps you to track the number of request going to the server when you load a page or post in a website. This comes really handy for heavily customized pages with a lot of sliders and moving items.

wordpress plugins for SEO

You can find the list of requests in each page and disable them based on what is important and what is not. This will hugely improve the site speed as well.

You can check this plugin by clicking this link and downloading it.


SEO is a major factor for any website. A well-built site with proper SEO will have a higher chance to rank than an unoptimized website. The above-mentioned plugins are the best WordPress plugin for SEO that you can use on WordPress to make your website rank higher.

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