YouTube adds Podcast in YouTube Music app in US

YouTube adds Podcast in YouTube Music app in US. Following are the details on the latest feature in YouTube Music.

Podcast in YouTube Music app

Podcast will now be available for YouTube Music users in US for now and YouTube have plan to expand it to other countries soon. This new addition will be available for all platforms including Android, iOS and the web version of the music app.

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All YouTube music users will be able to listen to podcast offline as well. Other options like background play and on demand will be available. Users can also cast the podcast and also can switch within audio and video of the same on YouTube Music app.

This feature was expected earlier this year, but it was delayed. Company mentioned as the podcast listening experience will be different from music listening. As this service does not need a premium subscription, anyone who listens to music in YouTube Music platform can listen to podcast.

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YouTube also mentioned as there will be a dedicate tab for podcast for channels. The tab will be available in YouTube website and also the mobile application. With the addition of background listening, users will be able to listen to the podcast while they are using other applications. This will be a very convenient feature to have.

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