YouTube will now block Ad blockers

In the recent update from a Subreddit, YouTube will now block Ad blockers for users who use plugins and ad blockers to stop ads on YouTube.

YouTube will now block Ad blockers
Source: Sazk100 (Reddit)

Since the introduction of YouTube premium, more than 80 millions users have started using the subscription and the count is growing steadily. Free users are still seeing ads on YouTube, and some people use ad blockers to stop seeing ads on a free account.

On the YouTube Subreddit, a popover appeared recently mentioning as “ad blockers are not allowed”. The popover clearly mentions the reason of why users are seeing it. In the popover, users can see messages like “It looks like you are using an ad blocker”, “Ads allow YouTube to stay free for billions of users worldwide”, “You can go ad free with YouTube premium subscription and creators will get paid”.

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With these messages, users also can see two buttons on the popover which redirect the user either to disable the ad blocker or upgrade the account to premium. Still, it’s unclear on the number of locations YouTube is showing this message, but for now it looks like a test.

Google has always been not fond of ad blocking apps on Google Play Store and also banning extensions that help in blocking ads on Chrome. This change seems not to block ad blockers, but to promote the premium subscriptions of YouTube.

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In recent years, Google has removed many ad blocking apps from Google Play Store. YouTube Vanced was a popular app for blocking ads, but its use was disabled. Even though this change is not yet confirmed or rolled out to wider audience, still it gives us a clear idea of Google on ads.

For people who do not use any ad blockers, it would be better to pay for the premium plan so that they can stay away from these changes.

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